Prince of Peace Anaheim | December 16, 2020
A Letter From Our Pastor

 Its’ About the Cross

Today we had our Christmas hymn sing during both chapel services. For the school chapel, each classroom picked the song they wanted to sing and shared why they chose that particular song. I am always amazed what songs the students pick and the reasons they give. I was especially surprised when the first-grade class chose a song I never heard of; they love the song and wanted me to play the YouTube video of it for chapel. 

Every song our students pick have strong lyrics telling the birth of our Lord Jesus; again, I’m always pleasantly surprised by the choices, but the first-graders surprised me with a song I did not know whose words are a great reminder what Christmas is truly about; it’s about the cross. Read and be encouraged by the song they had us sing:   
It’s About the Cross
It's not just about the manger
Where the baby lay
It's not all about the angels
Who sing for him that day
It's not all about the shepherds
Or the bright and shining star
It's not all about the wise men
Who travelled from afar
It's not all about the good things
In this life I've done
Its not all about the treasures
Or the trophies that I've won
Its not about the righteousness
That I've find within
It's all about His precious blood
That save me from my sin
The beginning of the story
Is wonderful and great
But it's the ending that can save you
And that's why we celebrate
It's about the cross
It's about my sin
It's about how Jesus came to be born once
So that we could be born again
It's about God's love
Nailed to a tree
It's about how every drop of blood
That flowed from Him when it should have been me
It's about the stone
That was rolled away
So that you and I could have real life someday
It's about the cross

Great words and a great reminder that Christmas is about many different things; but at its core, Christmas is about the cross that baby would one day die upon so you and I may have forgiveness, life, and salvation in the name of that baby named Jesus. Here is the link to the song, just in case you want to sing along. Merry Christmas.


 -Pastor Darrin Sheek


Advent Services: TONIGHT Dec 16th at 7pm
  • We have our last Advent service tonight, we hope you will join us!
  • Soup Supper start at 6:00pm with service following.
  • We will be decorating the Church after our worship service and would like to invite everyone to join in on this festive occasion!

Christmas Eve Services: Thursday Dec 24th
  • We have 2 Services on Christmas Eve at 4:00pm and 7:00pm

Christmas Day Service: Friday Dec 25th
  • Christmas Day Service will be at 10am

Tune into 'All is Bright!' Christmas Special on PBS
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The following Services will be livestreamed for those unable to attend:
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Upcoming Service: Do Not Be Afraid
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Sunday Morning Bible Study

Please join us this Sunday, December 20th at 9:15am for coffee and a time of study. We will be discussing the theology behind Matthew and Luke's account of Jesus' birth.
Tuesday Bible Study
The Living Way Bible Study group meets every week through fall. The next study will be Tuesday, December 22nd, and will be on The Gospel of Acts at 9:30am. Everyone is Welcome! We will meet in person and continue to practice social distancing. We have plenty of space so everyone can spread out! Please remember your mask or face covering to keep yourself and others safe. In the meantime, you are welcome to read ahead to get acquainted
with the scriptures.

Please check out our church bulletin board for some items needed by our teachers and church staff. Our giving tree is an opportunity for our congregation to support our school and preschool. Please choose a blossom and turn it in to either the church or school office with a donation towards your selected item, or feel free to donate the item outright if it's something you already have! Please check back frequently for new items.

Here are some items we are in need of so far:

Lysol Wipes
Travel size Tooth paste/Mouthwash
Hand Sanitizer
Copy Paper and Ink (Staples Gift Cards)
Sunday School Fund
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Child-Size Face Masks
Non-perishable Snacks and Small Waters for Emergency Supplies

Grade School:
EZ-UP Tents
8ct. Boxes of Crayola Crayons
15 Plastic Shoe Bins with Lids
Magnetic Expo Dry Erase Markers
Field Trip Fund
STEM Lab Equipment

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We thank God that our congregation remains healthy and so far, free from the Covid-19 Virus! We pray for everyone’s continued health and strength as we move forward!

  • For all those separated from their families, friends, church family, and work during this health crisis, and for those suffering from Covid -19 across the globe.

  • For all those unemployed or under-employed, that their daily needs be met and their trust in our Lord, who provides, will be strengthened.

  • For our staff, teachers, students, and families at Prince of Peace, that our Lord would sustain them all through these days as we strive to continue and support the mission of our church and school.

  • Pray for continued student enrollment at Prince of Peace School and Preschool and outreach efforts into the community.

  • Members at Prince of Peace to grow in faith and love for one another, willing to give of our gifts and talents within the congregation, serving and sharing Christ with our neighbors, family, and friends.

  • Tony and Donna Beltran – Prayers for continued strength and healing.

  • Tom Olmos – Prayer for protection from the virus at his facility.

  •  Rev. Dr. Tom Park, for Employment.

  • Sophie Killian, for health and peace while awaiting test results

  • For quick recovery of Judy Campbell, who has been in and out of the hospital

If you would like to add a prayer request to this list, feel free to reply to this email or contact the church.
Let us pray for our Members of The Week:
Lonnie, Shavonia and Jonella Wilson

Let us give thanks and pray for The Wilson Family for the following:

  • Pray for God's continued strength, comfort, and peace for the Wilson Family

  • May our Lord to continue to nurture the faith and love the Wilson family has for God 

  • May God continue to use the Wilsons as a blessing for others through all the ways God has gifted them.  
Children's Milk Drive
The Sunday School children at Prince of Peace collected over 700 Quarts of milk for babies in Mexico in 1965 after a hurricane hit Matzalan! They shattered their goal of 200 quarts on the first Sunday!
Have any vintage P.O.P. photos or memorabilia at home? Please bring them by the church office so we can copy them for our archive and share them!
We Are Here For You!
Pastor Sheek And Our Elders
Pastor Sheek and our Board of Elders continue to pray for you and are here to support you during these trying times. Pastor Sheek is available any time and can be reached via email or his cell for continuing support.

Cell #: (949) 370-7198

Our Board of Elders have been reaching out and are hard at work to keep our flock in contact during this transitional time of distancing.

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  • We have been working hard to update our member contact information. We now have our printed Church Directories, which you can pick up either in your designated mail box or at the church office.

  • Our goal is to send out a new “News and Updates” email to all of our members every week. This email highlights important upcoming events for both the church and school. You can even check out the scripture readings for upcoming Sunday Services ahead of time! Please be sure to check your emails every week.

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