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POPCM Weekly Bulletin
Peace be with you everyone,
We made it, our opening day was fantastic, seeing the students, parents, and community members shouting support from their cars as we opened our doors and welcomed everybody back. The masks, sanitization, and cleaning efforts have paid off. We can offer live in-person instruction like no other school in the tri-state area! Our teachers are highly qualified and willing to go the extra mile for every student to reach their fullest potential. Montessori schools are well prepared to handle crises because of their flexibility in mindset. We can adjust and move forward as if nothing had happened!

We are dedicated to bringing the best instruction for all children attending Prince of Peace. Throughout all of history, small catholic communities have thrived amid turbulent times. No matter what happens the church will be a solid rock on which future foundation can be built upon. We are a living example of that in this COVID-19 era. 

This Pandemic has brought the Catholic community closer together in terms of communication, support, and spirituality. Thursday and Friday special masses and exposition of the blessed sacrament are being offered. People are returning to pray, asking for divine guidance in this grave matter. Saturday the bishop will be blessing parish churches and schools throughout the diocese of Covington and displaying the relic of St. Rocco the Patron St. of Pandemics. He will be making a special stop at St. Johns and Prince of Peace between 11:45-12 noon. Parishioners and the POPCM community will be there to greet and receive that special blessing. It will be a historic event not to be missed!

In these times of uncertainty, the church has withstood the test of time. Our school will reflect the church's longstanding view that all life is sacred and worth nurturing, preserving, and protecting. With a school such as Prince of Peace, the opportunities are endless because we have the faith to move mountains and the ability to change the worst pandemic circumstances into the best of all possible worlds to come. We will thrive and create a new era of peace and prosperity. The best is yet to come!

In peace,

Tony Barkley – Principal  

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