Dear St. John Paul II Parents,

It is so hard to believe that it is already the end of June, and I hope that you all are enjoying your summer! Here at StJPII, we have been anxiously preparing for the 17/18 school year and the many things we will celebrate as we begin our 30th year as the best Catholic School in Houston/Katy!

I am very grateful to Mrs. McCurry, all the staff, alumni, and student volunteers for a successful Summer Enrichment program that has been receiving very positive feedback from our parent community.  The staff, curriculum, and fun days allowed for a truly beneficial experience for all.

It is with great pleasure that I share with you the latest news on the horizon. Coming this fall are new signage on campus and some new looks in the classrooms.  A huge thank you to our PTO & SJV Knights of Columbus for presenting the school with a combined total of $28,500 to purchase the famous “wish list items.”  These funds are providing several new items that will allow the teachers to experiment with flexible learning spaces.  These spaces are designed for specific learning experiences and allow the students choices in their classroom environment. We have purchased wobble chairs, rocker chairs, targeted small group tables, standing desks, whiteboard tables for solving math problems, an entire wall of whiteboard space to write and edit as a group, and much more!

This 30th academic year calls us to reflect on who we are as a school and through prayer, it became clear our theme should be, “Celebrating our Community of Saints”.  We are all called to sainthood and it is in the strength and wisdom of our community that we can help each other on this journey.  We will be celebrating each and everyone of us, as we are the SAINTS, and also featuring a “saint in our church” who exemplifies a virtue.  We will together participate in learning how these saints call us to develop the seven virtues: Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, Faith, Hope, & Charity.

How can you participate?  We will be providing all families an opportunity to exercise our monthly virtues in your daily lives.  From carpool to dinner time, your family will have the opportunity to learn that virtues can be shown even in the little things as we continue our journey to “SAINT”hood. Be on the lookout for our first issue in August!

NOW...check out the newest members of our StJPII community of saints, and need to know school NEWS below!

In Him we trust,