Dear StJPII Families,

Here it is the end of June! My wish is that you are enjoying family time and treasuring a break from the busy school routine, but I am hopeful that you are filled with curious excitement for the upcoming school year! 

Here at school, we are actively preparing and planning to welcome each and every one of our saints back in August! As our Summer Enrichment Program comes to a close, I am grateful to Mrs. McCurry, and all the staff, alumni, and student volunteers who made the experience beneficial and enjoyable for all!

Every summer I am always excited to announce "what's new" in our saints hallways. Our phenomenal PTO blessed StJPII with a generous gift of $23,000! Thanks to your support, we were able to make a number of purchases to enhance the academic experience at StJPII. I am happy to share that we were able to accommodate a number of “wish list items”, including common experiential spaces with new furniture that allow student collaboration, leveled readers for the Spanish classroom, whiteboard walls, STREAM materials, resources, flexible seating, a gaga ball pit, phase one of new cafeteria seating, and various other instructional resources.

Each year our mission at StJPII calls us to continue to be lifelong learners and to deepen our faith as we grow in mind, heart, and spirit to do God’s will. As we journey through life, we are given opportunities to grow when faced with challenges as well as an overabundance of blessings. I am confident our theme for the 18/19 school year will provide such a journey. We will rely on words from our patron saint, St. John Paul II, as he encouraged everyone to “Be not afraid, open wide the doors of Christ”.

This school year you will begin to hear, see, witness, and learn how we will incorporate " Be not afraid… "as a motto for all our students, staff, and community. We will begin to experience how when we put these words into action, we will see the marvels of God’s infinite love and the strength He provides us when we listen, trust without fear, and do His will.

So, I invite you to join with me in our inaugural year of our new school motto