From the desk of Principal Deborah Finn
Issue 14, April 15, 2021
School News You Can Use
  1. We are pleased to be working towards offering vaccines for students age 16 and up. More information coming from the district soon.
  2. Genocide Commemoration Day is this Monday, April 19 - please see my Message for more information.
  3. All study halls previously located in the auditorium will be moving to the cafeteria beginning Tuesday, April 20. Students with study hall in the auditorium on their schedule should report to the cafeteria during those periods.
Message from the Principal
Dear GIANT Families
As we come to the end of this second week of full-day, in-person, I want to take a moment to thank our students, staff and families for working together so diligently to keep each other safe, to be our best selves and to make the classroom experience as successful as possible. I continue to be so proud to be a Giant! 
It’s also a good time to remember that we all have to keep our masks on - over our mouths and noses, continue to wash our hands, and always maintain social distance. If we stop this mitigation now we will likely see ourselves as part of the surge that we see in the news. Please help us keep our school building open and stay safe. 
As we shared last week, we are very proud to present our Genocide Commemoration program this coming Monday, April 19. District 113 has set aside this day to honor the victims, survivors, rescuers and upstanders of genocides. See information on our website here about our speakers, research, and ways to take action. Also, please click here for more information about the schedule for the day.  

Be well,
Debby Finn
Happening Next Week

Monday, April 19 - Genocide Commemoration Day, Asynchronous Giant Day Schedule
Tuesday, April 20 - White Day Schedule 
Wednesday, April 21 - Blue Day Schedule 
Thursday, April 22 - White Day Schedule 
Friday, April 23 - Blue Day Schedule
As noted in School News You Can Use, all students assigned to study halls in the auditorium will be moving to study hall in the cafeteria beginning Tuesday, April 20. We need everyone’s cooperation to make this successful. Students with study hall immediately after the lunch periods - period 8 on Wednesdays/Fridays and Period 9 on Tuesdays/Thursdays will need to step out of the seating area so that it can be quickly cleaned. These students should walk to the Library Foyer and wait there throughout the passing period until they see the area has been cleaned. Our team is ready to clean the area in a matter of minutes and we appreciate everyone’s patience during the first few days of the transition
Student Life

Yearbook sales for the 20-21 school year remain on sale up to May 1st. This is an optional purchase for $50. Please check your Infinite Campus school store link to determine if you made a purchase for your student. You can also view our April 15 Giant Life News to find the link of those who made a purchase. Students who have not made a purchase received a reminder email on Thursday, April 15. 

Green School Initiative will be hosting Earth Week April 20- April 23 next week. There are several ways students can participate and learn more about their own environment responsibility. CLICK HERE to learn more and check back for links that are still being added.


Just a reminder that District 113 is allowing spectators for home contests. Details will vary based on the venue. For indoor sports, spectators need to pre-register on the day of the event. Here is the Spectator Screening Links for the Spring/Summer season. You can also find this on the HPHS Athletics Homepage. Spectators for outdoor sports do not need to pre-register.  Indoor and outdoor spectators are asked to wear masks at all times on our campus and remain socially distant. Every school is handling spectators differently and our athletic department will work to get you the information for opposing schools regarding spectators as soon as it becomes available.
Just a reminder, this weekly newsletter will now include the latest version of the GIANT Life News (GLN), instead of sending separately to parents/guardians twice a week. Click here to access our website and the most recent GLN links. GIANT Life News contains specific details about student life at HPHS and will continue to be emailed to students twice a week as their main source of HPHS happenings.  
Services and Supports
If you have not already, please take a look at the HPHS Counseling Newsletter. There is a lot of important and useful information for students and families that can be found here.  

Please click here for information regarding the Patty Turner Center Vaccination Center, located in Deerfield, being open to all eligible who live or work in Lake County starting April 12.

Also, please click here for Elyssa's Mission website to learn more about what they offer regarding mental health support. Elyssa’s Mission has shared some examples of youth that may be at heightened risk for suicide as well as recommendations on how to talk with your child. Suicide tends to spike in the spring (April and May).

Some examples of youth that may be at a heightened risk for suicide:

  • A teen with a personal or family history of suicide or mental illness, especially during periods of stressful life events or the recurrence of a mental or substance use disorder
  • A teen who is especially isolated (e.g., students not able to return to in-person learning due to personal/family illness)
  • A teen who is using alcohol and/or drugs, particularly if in isolation and/or as a means of coping with difficult life events
  • A teen who is struggling in school (e.g., lack of interest or motivation; dramatic drop in grades; interpersonal difficulties)
  • A recent divorce, job loss or other family stressors
  • Intolerable loss of face or status (e.g., cyberbullying/bullying)
  • Identifying as LGBTQ+, particularly if not accepted by family and/or peers

Some recommendations on how to talk to your child:

  • Listen, listen, listen. Allow your child to vent about their frustrations, fears, and worries. Maintain good eye contact and convey you are genuinely interested in what they have to say. Give them the opportunity to “get it all out.”
  • Ask them to expand on their feelings.
  • Work with your child to brainstorm solutions. 
  • Reframe what they are saying. Summarize and repeat back to them what you heard. For example, if your child is talking about having issues with friends, you can say, “You’ve been getting into quite a number of arguments with them over the past few weeks. It sounds like you’re feeling lonely and frustrated."
District News
Students 16+ COVID-19 Vaccinations
Please watch your email tomorrow for information regarding COVID-19 vaccinations.
Parents and students ages 16 and up by May 3 will receive two emails through IC Messenger: one in the morning with details and one in the afternoon with sign-up information. Parents and students ages 15 and under will receive one message in the morning.