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   Rick Alford, CRP
March 2015 Edition
What the Experts are Saying...
     There's a lot of talk out there, but who is worth listening to?
When the topic is your retirement, we have the answer!
Sit in on this  "Retirement Roundtable"   discussion as top experts
share their knowledge and  experience  on how to protect your retirement.

FDIC Insured Market Linked CD for  March 2015 


12.38% APY

401k, IRA, 403b, ROTH all qualify

Diversified exposer to 6 different asset classes

New "Jumbo" CDs available

Terms from 5.75 to 8 years 

Up to 7% Guaranteed Return


Market-Linked CDs  (or MLCD) offer principal protection, FDIC insurance and potentially higher interest rates than typical CDs.  Instead of a low fixed-rate, MLCDs offer variable interest generated by the performance of the Stocks, Commodities, Currencies or Index, the MLCD is linked to.

A note from the Accounting Sleuth:
Executive Compensation -
Two Candidates for
Ripley's Believe It or Not
Hall of Fame

We examine the proxy statements of companies very closely as they contain important information about the Corporate Governance aspects of the business model, in particular a company's compensation policies.

Social Security Timing Class  March 2015
at Collin College

Do you know the 567 ways to claim?  
Which way is right for you?
There may be retirement benefit strategies available to you that could substantially increase 
your future payments, 
even if you have already begun collecting. 

Classes available at the Preston Ridge Campus:
Tuesday March 10th at 6:30pm or Thursday March 12th at 6:30pm

Register online at  www.RSVPyes.com enter code #352353 
or call 
Reserve your seat TODAY!
Answers to Pre-Retirees Questions About Taxes

Q.) Are my Traditional IRA contributions 100% tax deductible?

A.) Not always. Are you covered by an employer- sponsored retirement plan such as a 401k  ? Then you may not be able to fully deduct your IRA contribution. If you are a single filer covered by a work plan and your modified adjust gross income is

Last months most popular topic:
Projected Retirement Limits for
401k and Non-401k Related Plans
 for 2015.
How Can I Receive Income,

CNBC Indexed Annuites
On the Money
Indexed Annuites
Listen in as "On the Money" caller poses the question, "Should I take money from my Annuity and put it into the market?"
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