Special Edition | July 24,2020
Principal Update
Dear Boone Families,

It is hard to believe that July is coming to an end, and the beginning of the school year is right around the corner. Boone Elementary has been coming to life over the past few months, and it has been a joy to watch! Our school colors are becoming evident inside and outside the school, and I am filled with pride seeing Champ the Bulldog in various places around the campus. The best part of this transformation, however, will be seeing your children and families filling our hallways and classrooms as soon as possible.

I know with the ever-changing situation in our community and the world, you all have questions about what the start of school will look like. Please know that we are working around the clock to create the best out of a challenging situation. Over the past 3 months, staff and district committees have worked tirelessly to offer professional input while utilizing experience and current research to determine ways we can improve upon the Emergency Remote Learning Plan we utilized in the spring. We feel confident that the experience your children will have for the first 12 days of school and any emergency closures we may have during the year will be engaging and challenging so that your children receive the educational opportunities they deserve. The district plan will be released soon and I will follow up with details specific to Boone.

As I have met with Boone teachers and staff over the summer, I have witnessed the excitement they have for opening a new school and their determination to make it a phenomenal experience despite the current situation. As educators, we want nothing more than to have our classrooms full of happy children ready to learn and full of excitement with each new discovery. Is virtual learning the way we envisioned the opening of our beautiful new school? Definitely not! However, we are resilient, innovative, and motivated to create the best educational experiences we can for your children, whether they are learning virtually at home or physically in their classrooms.

It is evident that some of the grand opening plans we had for Boone will have to wait, but we will still do everything in our power to make the start of school as special as possible and to help our kids develop relationships with their new teachers and classmates. The PTO is also working hard to ensure that we can have as many of our planned events as possible, even if they have to be reinvented a bit.   

This year will present us with challenges, but we will push past the difficulties and model for our kids what it means to have grit and perseverance. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to weather this storm with each of your families, and I am confident that we will look back on this inaugural year with pride.  

Thank you so much for your kindness and support!

Amanda Reyes
BSSU News to Know
Welcome to the 2nd edition of the BSSU Insider News! This edition is all about what you will pay for and what you can buy in BSSU.
What am I required to pay for in BSSU?
Required Student Supply Fee - ranges from $109-130 depending on grade

Boone's Student Supply Fee covers the following items:
  • Half of all software subscriptions - $25 (the remainder of these subscriptions are gifted by the PTO and paid for by fundraising dollars)
  • Consumable individual school supplies - varies by grade level from $60-81
  • Consumable supplies for art & science - $11
  • Pumpkin decorating supplies for the Pumpkin Picnic Event (decorating will be done at school) - $8
  • 1 All-School shirt provided for field trips, field day, and spirit days - $5

For those choosing online school, supplies will be sent home, with the expectation that they will be brought to school if your student later resumes in-person schooling. For those choosing in-person school, any supplies needed for online school before September 8th will be sent home with your student, and the remainder will be distributed when in-person school begins.
Required Class Gift Fund - $50

Boone's Class Gift Fund will take the place of any and all class gift collections and will provide for the following class gifts for EVERY Boone teacher and staff member. (Additional gifts to teachers are not necessary, but are left to individual discretion and will not be collected on a class-wide level).
  • $100 Birthday gift card for all teachers ($50 for custodial & cafeteria staff)
  • $100 Holiday gift card for all teachers ($50 for head custodian & cafeteria manager)
  • $100 Teacher Appreciation gift card ($50 for custodial & cafeteria staff during applicable appreciation week)
  • $100 End-of-year gift card for all teachers ($50 for custodial & cafeteria staff)
  • $150 Annual Gift for all crossing guards
What things can I purchase in BSSU?
Paying for items in BSSU gets them off your to-do list, and saves the PTO money by avoiding credit card fees. You'll have the opportunity to buy the following items in BSSU:

  • PTO Membership - $60 - Includes access to Directory Spot, required to be a Room Parent or PTO position
  • Dads Club Membership - $100 - Includes fun father-child events such as Dads & Donuts and Valentine's Breakfast
  • Student Yearbook - $40
  • Student lunch for the Pumpkin Picnic - $9 for Chick-fil-A sandwich, apple slices, goldfish, cookie, and bottled water.
  • Spirit Wear - These are special order items, so this will be your only chance to buy them! See our next installment of BSSU Insider News for all the fun spirit wear options that will be available.
Look for our next installment of BSSU Insider News on Monday to see all the fun spirit wear available in BSSU!
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