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Important Dates
August 2
Freshman Parent Orientation
In Person Option: East Gym
Livestream Option: Link to be shared soon

August 3
Freshman & Sophomore
Back to School Event

August 4
Junior & Senior
Back to School Event
Transfer Student Orientation

August 5
Fee Waiver/Registration
12PM - 6PM
Room 251

August 6
Freshman Orientation
7:30AM - 9:30AM
East Gym
Sophomore Orientation
10AM - 12PM
East Gym

August 10, 11, 12
New Student Enrollment
2:30PM - 7PM

August 10
Fee Waiver/Registration
4PM - 6PM

August 11 & 12
Fee Waiver/Registration
4PM - 7PM

August 11
First day of school

August 16
Fall Athletic Parent Night
Virtual at 6PM

August 20
Red & Black Athletic Scrimmage Night

August 24
Open Mic Night
Top of Hill & Foyer
Principal's Welcome 2021-22
Antoine Anderson
On behalf of the Glenbard East High School administration, faculty, and staff, I’d like to officially welcome you to the 2021-22 school year. I’d also like to extend a special welcome to our incoming freshman families as well as to the families of transfer students entering Glenbard East for the first time. We are truly looking forward to having everyone back in the building as we look to return to our fully in-person, 8-period day schedule, including sports, clubs, and activities.
We believe that all students, despite the challenges they may face, should have the opportunity to achieve academic success. Additionally, we believe that our least advantaged student should have the same supports and opportunities as our most advantaged student. To that end, our administrative staff along with the talented teachers that lead our instruction are committed to providing every student with the highest quality of education possible. We plan to do so by:

  • Creating and fostering a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all students.
  • Providing equitable educational opportunities for all students.
  • Building the social and emotional competency in all students.
  • Providing guaranteed and viable curriculum for all students.

As we look to the start of the school year with excitement, we can’t ignore the impact of the past year and a half.  The pandemic shifted the way students learn and teachers teach. Many of our students need to re-acclimate and re-learn how to find success in our classrooms, both socially and academically. As a school community, we value putting student needs first and meeting students where they are. We believe that optimal growth occurs when students feel connected to their peers/teachers and safe in our classrooms and community.
With that in mind, we will use the first three days of class to help students acclimate, reflect, and connect. Our focus will be on re-establishing and fostering new relationships, and building community. These days will be free of traditional content-based instruction. As a result, we are hopeful students feel prepared to meet learning expectations having learned school routines, connected with peers and teachers, and reflected on the steps needed for a successful year at East.
We stand committed to serve every student, every day in their quest to be a Glenbard East graduate that is self-empowered, thinks critically, embraces diversity, communicates, creates, and collaborates.
On behalf of the faculty at Glenbard East High School, I want to again welcome all of you and thank you for being a part of the Glenbard East school community where EXCELLENCE IS TRADITION. I’m looking forward to an amazing school year! We Are East!!!
Back-to-School Information
Students are only permitted to take part in Back-to-School Week during their scheduled time. All returning students are expected to bring their iPad for a readiness inspection. Software updates should be run in advance.
Freshman/Sophomore Orientation Information
Monday, August 2, 2021, 6:00pm-7:00pm
Freshman Parent Meeting
*In-Person (East Gym)
*Livestream (Link will be shared in a separate communication)
Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Freshman Registration Day
*Freshman will receive their ID Card, take their yearbook photo & pick up their gym lock and uniform.
Friday, August 6, 2021
Freshman Orientation Event
7:30am - 9:30am
*Limited bus transportation is available for this event.
Friday, August 6, 2021
Sophomore Orientation Event
10am - noon
*Limited bus transportation is available for this event.
Open House: Save the Date
Glenbard East Parent/Guardian Open House will take place in person on Thursday, September 2 from 6:00-8:05 pm. This evening is an invitation to walk through Glenbard East’s facilities, meet teachers, learn about the content of your child’s courses as well as teacher expectations and discover ways you can help your child succeed at East. We urge you to participate in this important introduction to your student’s school year. Click the link for the 2021 Open House schedule.
Please note: There will be an Early Dismissal for students on Friday, September 3. Click here to view the early dismissal schedule.
GE Fine Arts
We are excited to be back in person to perform together – and for you! Please watch our website, gefinearts.org and social media for more information on these coming events:
·     August 20, Red & Black Community Night, the marching band will perform
·     August 30 & 31, “Our Place”, student directed theatre performance
·     September 19, Lombard Lilac Parade
2021 GE Theatre Fall Productions
While we would love to announce our entire 2021-2022 season of shows, we are waiting to find out if we will be in person or streaming this year’s productions. In spite of this we are already working on our first play and are planning for November’s Main Stage production.
We will lead off with the one-act “Our Place.” This endearing piece is directed by Senior Katie Pruyn involves four separate stories that each take place on the shore of a small lake. If we are able to perform the play in person, it will be August 31 & September 1 at 7:30 pm in Rider Hall. If we are not yet allowed to have live productions, audiences will be able to view the streaming version by going to gefinearts.org/theatre.
The fall main stage play will be determined by our status of being in person or streaming. If we are in Rider with an audience, we will present the new play The Edge Of Peace. If we need to record a streaming production, we will do the Orson Wells radio play The War Of The Worlds. Performance dates for The Edge Of Peace, are November 17, 18, 19 & 20 at 7:30 pm. If we present The War Of The Worlds, audiences will be able to view the show by going to gefinearts.org/theatre.
For more information, call 630/424-6640.
Student IDs
All students must be in possession of their student ID when they report to school and at extracurricular events. This is a very important safety measure as we need to ensure that everyone in the building can be properly identified. ID’s are also required to purchase lunch, check in to various offices throughout the building, and ride the bus to and from school. Repeated failure to present a valid student ID may result in disciplinary consequences. 
Dress for Success
Student appearance guidelines are clearly articulated in the student handbook. Dress or appearance cannot be disruptive to the educational program or contain vulgarity, obscenity, or promote excessive violence or illegal activities, such as alcohol, tobacco products, drugs/drug use. Dress code violations will be referred to the Dean’s office. We ask that parents help us by being attentive to these regulations.
College Application Season is
Right Around The Corner
The School Counseling team is excited to return to serving our students directly in the 2021-2022 school year. Many college applications will open on August 1st, and we encourage seniors to begin reviewing the requirements for that process. However, students should wait to submit their applications until counselors are able to review some specifics with them. Counselors will be hosting informational sessions and/or providing valuable video tutorials for their seniors soon after the start of the school year to share helpful tips on providing the most polished applications and safeguarding against errors in the process. Counselors will also meet with each senior student individually to review their post-secondary plans and assist them with the steps needed to reach their specific goal(s). In the meantime, many helpful resources can be found on the School Counseling tab on the Glenbard East website. There have been exciting new upgrades made this summer. Students are also encouraged to monitor the announcements on the Class of 2022 Schoology page for postings of additional college-related resources and opportunities posted by our College Counselor, Mr. Scott Lilly.
Latex Allergies
Schools across the nation are experiencing more and more students who have latex allergies. Often, students with this allergy can have severe and even life-threatening reactions if exposed to latex resins and powders. For their safety, there are certain latex products we no longer allow on campus. Latex balloons and “Silly String” pose a significant health threat to students with a latex allergy. These products are not allowed on campus at any time, including after school, evening, and weekend events. With this in mind, we request your help: Please talk with your children about this health and safety issue. Some students might not understand the reason for a “balloon ban.” At East, we want all parents to know that their children are safe on campus.
Attendance Policy
In an effort to decrease excessive absences, Glenbard East has instituted the following attendance policy. Not surprisingly, research indicates that students perform better in their coursework when they attend classes regularly. While we realize that occasional absences are a reality in schools, we believe that excessive absences negatively impact student learning. We hope that, as parents, you agree and will assist us by doing your part in sending your child to school on a daily basis. 
Any student who is absent for more than twelve (12) days, excused or unexcused, in one semester, will be considered as having excessive absences. These absences do not include those that result from participation in school-approved activities such as field trips. Once the student has accrued twelve absences, any additional absences within the semester will not be cleared without a doctor’s note

Furthermore, once a student is absent 15 days in a semester (discounting field trips and other school-approved absences), the student may be in danger of not earning credit for the semester and/or may be withdrawn from classes for excessive unexcused absences. 

The full attendance policy can be found in the student handbook located on the school’s website as well as on your student’s iPad. We strongly encourage you to review this policy with your student. And remember, student absences must be reported by calling Attendance at 630-627-2595.
East Side Pride
Take Care of yourself, Take Care of Others, Take Care of East! 
At Glenbard East, we will continue to implement a systems approach to preventing and responding to classroom and school discipline challenges through positive reinforcement of behaviors. A school wide behavioral matrix has been developed to define expected student behaviors in our classrooms, hallways, gyms, buses, assemblies and cafeteria. Students are recognized and rewarded for positive behaviors they display throughout the school day and at extracurricular functions.
ram facing right white
RAM Tip Line
Glenbard East students are encouraged to anonymously report tips to the tip line at 630.424.6670. The Dean’s Office will follow up on tips in a timely manner. 
These tip lines are designed to be accessed by students and parents if they feel there is a student safety issue that they need to alert school personnel or law enforcement. This could include issues that are occurring in school or outside of school that could affect the safety of an individual or group of students.
2020-21 Yearbook Distribution
As mentioned in the April newsletter, due to Covid related photo delays, 2021 yearbooks will be distributed in September. 2021 graduates will be notified of pick-up options via US postage.
LLMC Welcomes Students 2021-22
The LLMC is back in business and ready to serve students and staff this school year, with more book browsing and collaboration spaces! To view the master library schedule prior to requesting space, please click here. For room reservations, please click here. You will need to be logged into your Glenbard Google account to access both. If you have questions, please direct them to Kelly Roberts or Gabe Gancarz.
Rules for Students Taking Medications at School
Students are not allowed to take prescription or nonprescription medications at school until their physician and parent/guardian complete and submit the School Medication Permission Form to the school nurse. This form is available from the Health Office or it may be printed from the Glenbard East website - Paren/Families tab, select the Health Services option.
Prescription medication should be brought to the Health Office in a container labeled by the pharmacy that includes:
1)    The name of the student
2)    The name of the medication
3)    The dosage
4)    The time and route of administration
Nonprescription medication (Motrin, Advil, Tylenol, etc.) should remain in the original container and be labeled with the student’s name.
Students are not allowed to carry any medication while at school except prescribed asthma inhalers, EpiPens, insulin or Glucagon pens. Students carrying these medications also need to submit to the school nurse an individualized Emergency Action Plan signed by their physician. If you have further questions, please phone the Health Office at 630-424-7133 and ask to speak with one of the nurses.
All Juniors will take the PSAT/NMSQT on Wednesday, October 13, 2021. Freshman, sophomores and seniors will not report to school that day. Juniors will be automatically enrolled for this test. More information will be forthcoming. If you have any questions, please contact your student's counselor.
2021-22 State Testing
Glenbard District 87 will provide the College Board’s PSAT 8/9 to all students in the 9th grade, PSAT 10 to all students in the 10th grade, PSAT/NMSQT (October 13) & the SAT (April 13) to all students in the 11th grade . Only the grades assigned to an exam on a specific date will be in attendance. As these tests approach, more information will be shared with students and guardians.
A great and free way students can prepare for the PSAT or SAT test is through FREE individualized test preparation via the Khan Academy website (www.khanacademy.org/test-prep). Junior students will learn about this free offering at school. Parents and students can learn more about this free resource by watching a 10 minute video at https://goo.gl/BjYDZg. More information about the PSAT test and the SAT test can be found at https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org. 
Cell Phones at School
Use of cell phones or other electronic devices are permitted during the school day. While use is allowed, students should be sure to use their devices at the appropriate time and in the appropriate areas. Please note that cell phone use in the classroom is prohibited. Upon entering the classroom, students are expected to stow away their cell phone, as well as earbuds/headphones. Glenbard East is committed to using the iPad as our acceptable device to support student learning inside and outside of the classroom. Additionally, if listening to music in the halls during the passing period, students are expected to use headphones. Failure to comply with these guidelines could lead to disciplinary consequences. Additionally, students are encouraged to secure their devices at all times. Glenbard East takes no responsibility for the loss of or damage to electronic devices. The entire policy can be found in the student handbook that can be found on the school’s website, as well as, your student’s iPad.
Join Glenbard East Music Association (GEMA)
The Glenbard East Music Association is comprised of parents, faculty, students, alumni, and community members. GEMA membership is key to continued support of all the music programs at East. GEMA’s budget helps fund items such as student lesson scholarships, student awards, college scholarships, trips, uniform maintenance and upkeep, the gRAMmy’s and other celebrations, Color Guard training, classroom supplies, and guest clinicians.

Please download a membership form here. To find out how you can become more involved please contact GEMA President Colette Luchetta-Stendel at colette@ameritech.net
Superintendent Looking Forward to New School Year
Dr. David Larson
I trust you are having a good summer and taking time to relax and refresh.
As we work toward the start of the 2021-22 school year, we are excited to return to an 8-period day with in-person instruction each day. We will offer full academic and extracurricular programming. We anticipate some of our students will need academic and social-emotional support, and we have a wide variety of related services support available to our students. Our faculty and staff are committed to a smooth transition to in-person learning and ensuring that each student feels safe, supported and ready to learn.
Engaging lessons, active learning
While livestreaming from the classroom was necessary for many months, it inhibited activity in the classroom. There will be no livestreaming in the new school year. It’s important to have full interaction among students and teachers in the classroom. We’re looking forward to students collaborating, participating in labs and creating things in the classroom. Our teachers do a great job of fostering a sense of community in our classrooms, and we’re excited about returning to engaging lessons and active learning.
Sense of belonging
Our faculty and staff are committed to ensuring that students have a social connection and sense of belonging at school. They are developing great plans to welcome not only freshmen but older students to school, recognizing that many of our students have not been on campus in several months.
One of the ways teens connect to school is through extracurricular activities. We will provide our comprehensive program of clubs, activities and sports. We’re looking forward to watching students pursue their passions beyond the classroom and cheering them on at sporting events, concerts, theatrical productions and more.
Commitment to equity
We continue to focus on cultivating a Glenbard culture of inclusion, belonging and high achievement for each student. Every student will have the tools and resources they need to develop their full academic potential. I encourage you to check out our Culture and Practice of Equity & Belonging Journey at this link.
Profile of a Graduate
Our work continues to be guided by our Profile of a Graduate, which is a collection of qualities that we want each of our graduates to have. These traits include:
  • Communicates
  • Collaborates
  • Thinks Critically
  • Embraces Diversity
  • Creates and
  • Is Self-Empowered

As we gear up for the new school year, our Profile of a Graduate is our vision for students from day one, through graduation and beyond. Learn more about it at this link.
I am proud to be part of this community and to partner with you to support our students’ learning. I am excited about the new school year and look forward to welcoming our students back to school in August.
Athletic News for August 2021
VISION: To utilize school and sports to develop “WELL-ROUNDED” student-athletes and establish great pride in our RAMS COMMUNITY.
Fall Sports Are Set to Begin at Glenbard East on Monday, August 9
We are proud to share that we were able to safely conduct all 27 sports seasons last year. This occurred due to our RAMS COMMUNITY adhering to COVID protocol and supporting the efforts of our school and athletic department. We are not out of the woods yet regarding this pandemic. In order to enjoy another full season of Rams Athletics, we will once again need your support as we enter 2021-22.
Just a quick recap of the 2020-21 athletic season: we have 27 sports and 800+ student-athletes and will continue to set new highs in academic achievements including All-Conference, IHSA All-Academic Teams, as well National Honors recognition. We continue to finish in the top of the UpState8 Conference regarding team conference championships (school record of nine). We have a plethora of IHSA Individual State Qualifiers in multiple sports, as well as a few Team IHSA State Qualifiers and we had a high number of senior student-athletes earn recognition on our Athletic Wall-of-Achievement. Now it is time for the 2021-22 student-athletes and teams to write their yearly story. This will be an exciting year for Glenbard East Athletics and we are very optimistic about the upcoming seasons!
IHSA start dates:
ALL Fall Sports start on/after Monday, August 9. Please feel free to reach out to the following head coaches for more specific information regarding preseason:

Please register on PowerSchool prior to the start date of your respective sport(s). Please make sure student-athletes have up-to-date medical physical examinations and immunization records on file. While student accident insurance is provided for all enrolled students, additional insurance is mandatory for those in tackle football. Click here for more information.
Fall Athletic Parent Night
Glenbard East Athletics will host a virtual Fall Athletic Parent Night on: Monday, August 16 at 6:00pm. A link will be sent out to ALL parents and students registered in PowerSchool. If you are interested in participating in athletics, please attend this virtual meeting, as there will be much important information shared on this webinar.
Red & Black Scrimmage Night for All Fall Sports
On Friday, August 20, we will kickoff the athletic season with our Annual Red & Black Community Night for All Fall Sports. This is an athletic community event showcasing teams and introducing: cheer (sideline), cross country (boys and girls), football, golf (boys and girls), poms/dance, boys soccer, girls swimming, girls tennis, and girls volleyball. Concessions and spirit wear will be available for purchase. The location for this event will be shared, the event starts at 4:00pm.
Student Athletic Fees/Registration
All students/families who participate in athletics will be required to register and pay the $150 athletic fee for one, two, or three sports. Student-athletes are encouraged to take advantage of this great deal and participate in multiple sports – remember, colleges and employers are searching for well-rounded students! Fees and/or confirmed payment plan are due before the first competition. Fee waivers are available for families who qualify, please stop by the Athletic Office and inquire. Parents must register and pay online through PowerSchool. Also students must have an up-to-date medical physical examination on file. FRESHMEN and TRANSFERS must also have all immunizations completed with their medical physical examination on file.
Attention Fall Girls Swimmers
Student-athletes interested in swimming for our Glenbard Cooperative Swim Team should stop by the Athletic Office and/or go to the Glenbard North Athletic website at https://il.8to18.com/glenbardnorth for additional information and registration forms. Head Coach Chris Del Galdo can be reached via email: cdelgaldo@gmail.com. Even though this is a cooperative swim team, all paperwork must be turned into the Glenbard East Athletic Office.
Athletic Booster Club Information
Our Athletic Booster Club annually raises over $30,000 that goes directly to our teams and student-athletes helping to provide essentials for our athletic teams pursue VICTORY! We need more parent volunteers! Please sign up and help enhance our athletic program. For information about membership, parent volunteer opportunities, fundraisers, concession, purchasing spirit wear, and family activity passes please go to: www.eastboosters.com. Any further inquiries please contact Athletic Booster Club President, Mrs. Jerri Gapastione (jgw8@comcast.net).
The Glenbard Parent Series (GPS): Navigating Healthy Families is an educational consortium dedicated to presenting distinguished, relevant, high-profile authors, clinicians, and educators who share practical research-based knowledge and personal experience to develop social and emotional learning, increase well-being and enhance the positive youth development of students of all ages. Join us in conversation as we engage around the opportunities and issues facing families in these challenging times. GPS is a resource for students, parents, educators, and community members to foster self-empowered children who collaborate, communicate, embrace diversity, create and think critically. Programs are offered free of charge. No registration is required, and the public is welcome to attend.