August Principal's Message

St. Ursula Villa's 2020-21 school year is off to a successful start and we are so happy to have students back in our classrooms. Thank you for your cooperation as we navigate our new health and safety protocols. Our children have set wonderful examples in how easily they accept wearing masks, have their temperatures checked, and adjust to our new routines - we are very proud of them and appreciate your support as parents.

We are newly aware of the many benefits of having a 22-acre campus with multiple areas for outside learning and play. The teachers routinely bring students outside for alternate instructional settings and classroom "breaks." We are grateful for the cooperative weather and know everyone appreciates these opportunities!

I hope you have a great weekend and look forward to sharing September's activities next month!
Kent Halaby
Interim Principal
2019-20 School Year Awards
Normally, we recognize St. Ursula Villa student accomplishments at the end of the school year during an Awards Assembly in May. As we all know, the 2019-20 school year ended very abnormally and the Awards Assembly was one of many school events cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis.

These awards are included here to create that recognition in a different format and timeframe and to provide some data points for the many benefits of a St. Ursula Villa education. (Please note: Students are listed at their 2019-20 grade levels.)

We commend our St. Ursula Villa students and their dedicated Villa teachers for these achievements!
Catholic Math League Competition
St. Ursula Villa students in 4th - 8th grades participated in the Catholic Math League Competition by taking four difficult tests throughout the 2019-20 school year. We congratulate these students for their individual successes and and the classes for their group results.
The Villa Fourth Grade class placed 4th in the Midwest Division
and 13th in the United States.
Lucas Chlon earned 1st place at St. Ursula Villa and 4th place out of more than 300 students in the Midwest Divison.
Owen Linck earned 2nd place at St. Ursula Villa and 5th place in the Midwest Division.
Alex Crowley earned 3rd place at St. Ursula Villa and 6th place in the Midwest Division.

The Villa Fifth Grade class placed 2nd in the Midwest Division
and 16th in the United States.
Billy Bolan earned 1st place at St. Ursula Villa and 1st place out of more than 275 students in the Midwest Division - and a trophy!
Wesley Chamberlain earned 2nd place at St. Ursula Villa and 9th in the Midwest Division.
Thomas Crowley earned (and tied) for 3rd place at St. Ursula Villa and 14th in the Midwest Division.
Will Payton earned (and tied) for 3rd place at St. Ursula Villa and 14th in the Midwest Division.
The Villa Sixth Grade class placed 3rd in the Midwest Division and 15th in the United States.
Annemarie Wolfer earned 1st place at St. Ursula Villa and 3rd place out of more than 250 students in the Midwest Division.
Spencer Stegbauer earned 2nd place at St. Ursula Villa and 6th in the Midwest Division.
Will Wittekind earned 3rd place at St. Ursula Villa and 11th in the Midwest Division.
Le Grand Concours French Competition
St. Ursula Villa 7th and 8th grade French students participated in the National French Contest/Le Grand Concours sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. French students in all 50 states and abroad take a written test and compete against students with similar educational backgrounds. We congratulate these Villa students - Félicitations!
Gold Medal
Tyler Stegbauer
8th grade
Silver Medal
Molly Heffernan
7th grade
Caroline Meisenhelder
8th grade
Mac Rueve
8th grade
Bronze Medal
Remi Fry
8th grade
Kate Stevens
7th grade
Honorable Mention
Olivia Bolan
7th grade
Alex Jarczyk
7th grade
Quinn Kreider
7th grade
Ali Meisenhelder
8th grade
Maddie Rueve
7th grade
Ava Savage
8th grade
Meg Witzeman
8th grade
National Spanish Examinations
The National Spanish Examinations are motivational contests to recognize student achievement in the study of Spanish and to stimulate further interest in the teaching and learning of Spanish. The National Spanish Examinations are online, standardized assessment tools to measure performance and achievement of students who are studying Spanish as a second language. St. Ursula Villa 8th grade Spanish students participated in this competition.
Honorable Mention
Maria Halaby
8th grade
Annamarie Handorf
8th grade
Emily Jennewein
8th grade
Catie Workman
8th grade
Sister Mary Lawrence/Kristi Kuhn
Physical Education Award
This award honors two dedicated and caring women who loved sports - Sister Mary Lawrence, a former Villa Principal and long-time First Grade teacher; and Kristi Kuhn, a 2015 Villa grad who overcame a yearlong medical situation during her 8th grade year.
Megan Marburger (7th grade) earned the award for always giving her best effort and striving to improve, as well as being kind and considerate to her classmates.
4th graders regularly hold class on the Villa Way or outdoor deck and work on activities such as brainstorming a writing piece, writing in their Religion journals, and working on an Ohio History packet.
To introduce themselves to their classmates and teachers, 2nd graders created "All About Me" posters.
7th grade Pre-Algebra students drew and utilized number lines on the Villa Way to learn about absolute value and opposite numbers.
In their study of the solar system, Montessori C students discussed and learned how planets and galaxies are formed.
8th grade STEM students were challenged to build a tall tower with only 3 index cards. The next challenge was to "think like an engineer" and increase the tower's height. By the end of the class period, the tallest tower was 36”!  
Traditional 3-year-olds are exploring apples and the letter "A."
Villa Counselor Ms. Susan Friedman spent time with each of the 4th grade homerooms to explore mindfulness - the awareness that arises through deliberately paying attention and taking an honest and kind look at experiences and feelings in the moment. One of the key benefits of mindfulness practice is an increased ability to make choices about responses to feelings versus automatic reactions. The students engaged in exercises using imagery to focus on their breathing and discussed how this practice could help with staying in the "right now" and decreasing worry.
Ms. Laura Riehle, Villa Ursuline Campus Minister, says "The words of St. Angela for our 2020-21 school year theme seem very appropriate in this current time. These words, posted in the classrooms and on walls around the school, remind all of the importance of friendship in our lives. In the growing friendships we are blessed with at the Villa, we are the given a chance to experience the truth of Angela’s words over and over again, as the year unfolds."
Camp Villa re-opened with fun themed activities such as Lego Camp and Great Outdoors Camp - to the delight of Villa families, campers, and staff!
Children and parents attended our Meet & Greet to visit classrooms and meet teachers.
Villa Boosters
The Villa Boosters is excited to announce that St. Ursula Villa will have its own girls’ 6th - 8th grade tennis team this year. Villa tennis players previous partnered with another school but earned their own Villa team with a growing roster of 14 girls. Coached by several assistants and a head coach, the girls will represent St. Ursula Villa on the court in new Villa uniforms. Go, Eagles!
New Faculty
We welcome these new faces to our Villa community for the 2020-21 school year:
Ms. Lisa Jones is our Distance Learning Liaison
Ms. Ashley Symonds
teaches 3rd Grade
Ms. Kathy Zubelik
teaches STEM