´╗┐Principal's Message

I am always so proud of our successful 8th graders as they prepare for and take the high school entrance exam, select their preferred school, and embark upon a new chapter of their academic career. Once again, every student was accepted to their first choice school with the Class of 2018 earning $469,900 in merit scholarship offers. We congratulate these students and will enjoy all the special highlights and traditions coming up in their last few months with us here at the Villa.
4th graders developed and applied their Microsoft Publisher skills to create a unique book jacket for a book they recently read and enjoyed.
In Physical Education class, Kindergarten teams raced against each other to stack cups into a tower while also enjoying some friendly competition.
5th grade Advanced Enrichment Math class began a SmartPath financial literacy program which delivers relevant economic and financial information in a engaging, interactive way. This lesson focused on how regularly saving a portion of income benefits financial well-being.
Traditional 3-year-olds had fun while learning about the Arctic, especially when Villa parent Dr. Kerry Stout shared walrus tusks from his frequent travels to Alaska.
In their cross-curricular unit about penguins, 1st graders wrote poems about penguins, explored characteristics of 4 different species, and studied their life cycle and adaptations. A hands-on Science lesson demonstrated the insulating properties of penguin blubber as simulated by lard. The unit was capped off when students created a penguin out of a pop bottle filled with cotton balls, and enhanced them with unique personal touches.
During their study of electricity, 8th grade Science students used a Van de Graaff electrostatic generator which uses a moving belt to accumulate  electric charge  on a hollow metal globe on the top of an insulated column.
2nd graders created their own "Biography in a Can" where each student selected a historical figure and included clues about their person's identity both inside and on the can. Their classmates then guessed the subject of each biography. The class learned about many famous people, including George Washington, John Kennedy, Amelia Earhart, and Lucille Ball.
Traditional 4-year-olds read the book The Mitten by Jan Brett and created their own mittens.
We are proud of each of our students who participated in the 4th-8th grade Geography Bee and Spelling Bee during the home room qualifying rounds and advanced to the school-wide competition. Congratulations to Geography Bee winner Danny O'Grady (8th grade) and Spelling Bee winner Anne Marie Wolfer (4th grade) who will represent St. Ursula Villa at the city competitions.
Kindergarteners studied Dr. Martin Luther King and his message that we should each love and treat all people with respect. The students used their fingerprints to create a peace dove, and their handprints to symbolize that they can make the world a better place with their two hands.
While studying prophets, 8th grade Religion students were tasked to choose a modern day prophet, research positive and inspirational quotes, and then create a Tagul word cloud with the phrases spoken by their chosen person fashioned into their chosen symbolic shape.
Montessori and Traditional students joined their parents and Father Barry Windholtz for a Kindergarten Mass.
Laura Riehle, our Ursuline Campus Minister, visited the 2nd grade and brought Angela Merici's story to life with props which included a puppet.
4th graders led us in a wonderful celebration of St. Angela Merici's feast day. Afterwards, we recognized 5 students with the Ursuline Educational Network Community Service Award - from left: Maggie Marburger, Megan Marburger, Emma Handorf, Molly Workman, and Catie Workman. Joining us to unveil our new school banner was Sr. Margie Efkeman, OSU, General Minister of the Ursulines of Cincinnati.
Officer Jacob Johnson, a current Villa parent, met with the 1st grade Daisy Troop. The scouts worked on earning their Magenta Petal of Respect Authority - listening to parents, teachers, and the police.
Dr. Chrissy Huebi, an ENT, Villa alum, and current parent, helped the Traditional 4-year-olds become familiar with surgical masks, hats, and gloves and understand the important role of doctors during their Community Helpers unit.
On Buddy Day, Manor House students partnered with their older student "buddies" to create Valentine bags, read stories, and develop friendships.
Villa Parents' Organization
With the participation of more than 10 Villa families, Villa VPO served a lovely lunch of soups, sandwiches, and desserts to faculty and staff for Catholic Schools Week Teacher Appreciation Day.
Villa Boosters
Congratulations to the boys 4th grade basketball team for winning St. Michael's Tournament! The boys and girls basketball teams have had much success over this season. Go, Eagles!
Faculty Feature
Ms. Jeannine Blatt has been the Villa's school nurse for 12 years and also works with two international mission groups - Cultural Center of Batahola Norte in Nicaragua and Comboni Mission in Kabingo, Uganda. Ms. Blatt has been a valuable resource connecting St. Ursula Villa Service Learning Projects with Kabingo's educational programs and will make her 3rd trip to Kabingo this summer.