Principal's Newsletter 
Winter Edition
November 2019


This annual event is organized by the ACTS Parent Committee
(Advocating Character Through Service) with support from
Students for Students, athletics, and many other student organizations. 

Greetings Glenbard West Community -

For this Winter Edition, we have opted to share it before Thanksgiving break so that families have some time to look it over in an unhurried state. I hope that you agree with me that this newsletter includes some truly incredible things happening around the school. I remind people all the time that none of it happens by accident! So, since we are in the season of being grateful, I thought it would be appropriate to appreciate the key people who make this school such an amazing learning environment:

Students - This school relies on the hard work, curiosity, and goodness of our students. Take a look at the achievements that are highlighted in this publication. It represents a sampling of the many efforts of our students and how those efforts translate into these significant achievements. They are at the center of every good thing that happens at Glenbard West.

Teachers - West teachers represent the very best when it comes to being progressive, innovative, and student-centered. Hopefully, when parents come to Open House and Parent-Teacher conferences, they get a sense of the dedication and professionalism of our teachers. As principal, I am humbled to work with these professionals and feel a strong obligation to do the very best job I can.  

Support Staff - Our support staff is a highly competent group of professionals who share an immense loyalty to our students and the building. They help us problem-solve and navigate through all of the important work that happens throughout the year.  

Administration - The deans and assistant principals of West have demanding jobs. They need to be good listeners and hugely competent within their specific areas. All of us are grateful for their commitment to our students and staff.  

Parents, Guardians and Allies - West is lucky to have students who come from families and communities that support them. The network that we are a part of includes parent groups, fundraising organizations, and supportive home environments. The work we are doing is hard, and we need the help of our parents and communities. Thanks for being there for us!

The bottom line is that none of us can do this alone. As principal, I am forever grateful to all of you who support our students in their journeys of growth and discovery.  

Best Regards, 

Peter Monaghan, Ed.D. 

Daughter of the American Revolution
Good Citizenship Award
Patricia McCormack

Eagle Scout
Zachary Arnold

IHSFHA All-State First Team
Evelyn Erickson

IHSFHA All-State Second Team
Piper Billingsley
Delaney Gross

2019 Illinois Music Educators Association
All - District Festival

Congratulations to the following students selected to participate in the 2019 Illinois Music Educators Association All-District Festival on November 2:

Honors Band
Amanda Scheller

Honors Chorus
Sofia Hadley, Robbie Matthew, Jackson Pekny, Bryanna Sebring

Honors Orchestra
Marina Akamatsu, Maya Umlauf, Zoe Umlauf

9-10 Chorus 
Devyn Carr, Abigail Trieger, Owen Reifel, Morley Coval

The Madrigal Concerts will be on Thursday, December 5 and Friday, December 6 at St. Mark Episcopal Church in Glen Ellyn. The Madrigal Concert features Renaissance and traditional holiday songs and many other surprises. Please contact Andy Jeffrey at for ticket information.  

The Music Department will present the Winter Music Festival on Wednesday, December 11 at 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. The Winter Music Festival is the only music department school concert in which reserved seat tickets are sold due to the large audience in attendance. Tickets for the Winter Music Festivals are on sale right now and are $5 for adults. Admission for students, senior citizens, and Booster Pass Holders will be $2. Anyone interested in tickets should contact Andrea Beckham at

ART News
30 works from AP Studio Art 2D and Drawing 2 participated in the Annual 4 x 5 show at Oswego High School. Two thousand works total were entered into the show from 64 different schools. 176 awards were given. Glenbard West earned 3!!

Audrey Pauer, AP Studio Art, Honorable Mention for Mixed Media
Kaylee Jacobo, AP Studio Art, Honorable Mention for Drawing
Lucy Lawrence, Drawing 2, Honorable Mention for Printmaking

The following Glenbard West students’ art is on display in State Representative Terra Costa Howard’s local office: Miranda Barranco, Emma Nielson, Anna Davenport, Samantha Clanton and Grace Kando.
Audrey Pauer
Honorable Mention
Mixed Media
Kaylee Jacobo
Honorable Mention
Lucy Lawrence
Honorable Mention
Matter of Pride is a recognition award given to students who demonstrate through their actions, quality character that promotes Glenbard West. Nominations come from staff  members as well as individuals
within our communities. Ten nominees are selected monthly
and presented with certificates and t-shirts.
Back row L-R: Antoni Roman, Yousuf Khan, Liam Griman, Caleb Diaz,
Drake Viola

Front row L-R: Kate Walsh, Cyndy Horteales, Jessica Nork, Kira Campagna, Jennifer Avelar
Back row L-R: Jane Pieper, Jill Johnson, Noelle Hughes, Kate Morrison, Anna Malachynska

Front row L-R: Jonatan Morales, Aliya Akines, Victoria Valentine, Tim Barranco, Samya Parker

Each Quarter our teachers across the various departments at
Glenbard West choose the one student who best exemplifies
excellence within their discipline. The Glenbard West community
remains strong because of these students. We congratulate the Departmental Recognition Award Recipients and we thank the families and teachers who have helped them along the way.
Congratulations to the following students for their
1st Quarter Departmental Award achievement. 

Recipients are Ethan Baedke, Michael Cornejo, Alexander Demeris, Francesca Di Domenico, Paul du Vair, Kathryn Hardy, Arfa Hassan, Robert Matthew, Margaret Meyers, Zoe Mical, Yaaseen Mohamed, Anika Navarro, Liliya Tuchapets, Marisa Voigt and Za Zi.

Karen Judge named
Field Hockey Association
"Coach of the Year"

Congratulations to Glenbard West varsity field hockey coach Karen Judge on being named Illinois High School Field Hockey Association "Coach of the Year" for the 2019 season. Her team finished in 4th place at the IHSFHA tournament.
Student Council President, Ali Siddiqi (dressed in the traditional
turkey costume), kicks off the annual Turkey Trot race on November 7th.
On Thursday, November 7th, twenty-eight students from Glenbard West and seventeen students from Glenbard South participated in the annual  Glen Ellyn Rotary Mentor Day . These high school juniors spent the morning shadowing a professional in a career field they are interested in pursuing to learn about what the career entails. Following, the students, mentors, and members of the Glen Ellyn Rotary met for lunch, sponsored by the Rotary at Glen Oak Country Club. It was a very successful and memorable event for all involved, and it would not have been possible without the support of the Glen Ellyn Rotary Club and our incredible mentors:

  • Athletico - COD Football
  • Ben Franklin Elementary School
  • Benedictine University
  • Central DuPage Hospital-child life specialist
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Choices Counseling
  • College of DuPage- criminal justice
  • College of DuPage- film
  • Danada Veterinary Hospital
  • Family HealthMart Pharmacy
  • Fragile Music Group/In-Studio
  • Glen Crest Middle School
  • Glen Ellyn Bank & Trust
  • Glenbard West
  • Grotto Marketing
  • Midwestern University
  • Mulherin, Rehfeldt, Varchetto, P.C.
  • Park View Elementary School
  • Peters & Associates
  • Rosin Eyecare
  • Skin Theory
  • Westchester Auto Repair
  • Wight and Company
  • Willowbrook Wildlife Center
Over the next few weeks, counselors will meet with students to discuss the benefits of taking challenging yet balanced courses to ensure their academic path prepares them for life after high school. As part of this preparation, students will begin to prepare to take standardized tests that may help them gauge their readiness.
College Board Suite of Assessments
For many years, the State of Illinois has funded a college entrance exam for juniors. A few years ago, the State decided to shift from the ACT Exam to the SAT Exam. All juniors in Illinois will take the SAT exam on Tuesday, April 14, 2019. This is not an optional exam; in fact, the state is now requiring this for graduation from any Illinois High School. Please be assured that most, if not all, colleges accept either an ACT or an SAT score for acceptance decisions.

Glenbard West will host an SAT National Test date on March 14th . Interested students should register through their College Board accounts by February 14th.
All Juniors will take an SAT on a school day on April 14th. All juniors will be automatically registered for this test and must take it on this day (or the designated make-up day) as a graduation requirement.
All Freshmen will take the PSAT 8/9, and all Sophomores will take the PSAT 10 on April 15th.
Seniors will not be in attendance on April 14th or 15th and should plan to schedule visits to colleges if they are still deciding on their post-secondary institution. Seniors attending College of DuPage should plan on taking placement testing or meeting with a C.O.D. counselor on these dates.

As testing scores become available throughout the year, students may access their scores in their very own College Board portal. Click the link for Student Directions to Access Scores in the College Board Reporting Portal
One of the key advantages of the Suite of Assessments that excites us is the availability for students to receive free, high-quality exam preparation through Khan Academy online. Students are able to take practice tests, receive immediate feedback, and store and retrieve previous exam scores that they have taken to track their progress. This may be especially helpful for those juniors who took the PSAT/NMSQT exam in October, as it will give a benchmark that Khan Academy will use to customize SAT prep for the student. You can access Khan Academy's SAT support at .   

New for 2020, Glenbard West is offering a FREE 10-week SAT Prep Course taught by Academic Approach Instructors from January 28 - April 9, 2020. There are two different times to choose to ensure every Junior has the opportunity to participate in this program, Thursday from 2:45 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. or from 5:45 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. The goal of this program is simple, to help empower students to maximize their SAT Score and enhance their postsecondary opportunities. Please use this link to register for the FREE 2020 SAT Prep Course.

Some parents may still choose to have their students take one or more ACT exams during the spring. These are offered on specific Saturdays nationwide. To register for one of these exam dates, visit

Spring Illinois Science Assessment (Spring testing window March 2, 2020 - April 30, 2020)
In compliance with federal testing requirements, Illinois will administer a science assessment to all junior students enrolled in a public school district. The assessment will be administered in an online format and is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards for Science incorporating the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), which were adopted in 2014.
2019 - 2020


In February 2019, the Glenbard Board of Education updated language in Policy 7:10 Equal Educational Opportunities to indicate that students will be "treated and supported in a manner consistent with their gender identity."  More recently (October 15, 2019), the Board of Education has considered language for an Administrative Procedure that supports the language in the Policy. Student supports and accommodations have been furthered described in the recently adopted Administrative Procedure for 7:10. A Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) have been developed to inform the community and parents/guardians of these changes. Please see F.A.Q.  here  to learn more.
Our current West Way theme is Be Your Best Self . What does Be Your Best Self really entail? It can mean different things to various people and is an all-encompassing phrase. Students are often told to work to their potential, but rarely do they know what that truly means. It is crucial that we assist students in defining a potentially ambiguous concept like "being their best self," and how they can strive to reach their true potential.

So many of our students define their self-worth through their academic achievement when there is much more to what defines who they are. At Glenbard West, we are focused on more than educational success. We want our students to leave with non-cognitive life skills (soft skills) known as Social Emotional Learning, which focus on five main competencies: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision-Making Skills. These are just a few ways you as parents/guardians can enhance students to be their best selves:  

  • Be Respectful - This concept can prompt key questions worth encouraging your child to ask themselves: Who am I when no one else is watching? Would I say to someone's face what I am about to post on social media? Are you treating others how you want to be treated?

  • Be Brave - Bravery can be stepping outside your comfort zone to ask for help (self-advocacy) or standing up for yourself against someone who is not treating you well. Encourage your teenager to take positive risks. It will strengthen their self-confidence and problem-solving skills.

  • Show Gratitude - It may be an overstatement or simplistic, but saying please and thank you is NEVER overrated and can go a long way in defining a student's character. Some recent studies also go so far as to suggest that gratitude can be directly responsible for the reduction of internalized anxiety.

  • Balance & Healthy Lifestyle - Balance is the key to everything! Too often, our teenagers are overcommitted and unaware of this reality. In a misguided attempt to "be their best selves," sometimes students take on too many responsibilities and are not able to manage them effectively. Help your child understand that being their best self doesn't mean that they have to be involved in everything.  

  • Relational Skills - Respecting diverse perspectives and treating one another with empathy are crucial characteristics for living in today's society. Encouragement and inclusivity are important life skills that help support others and structure our interactions.

  • Hard-Working & Diligence - While balance is important, it is also necessary to encourage your student to work hard for what they want. If you can help your child comprehend what they want to learn, and how that process will benefit them, then you are supporting your child in becoming their Best Self. It is important for teenagers to know what truly inspires them, and then to work for it. 

  • Be Present & Teachable - Fear of failure prohibits growth and makes it difficult to appreciate the present moment of learning. If your teenager is afraid to ask questions, reluctant to try new things, and is living entirely in their future, it can be challenging to be attuned to the lessons that, ironically, best prepare them for their next endeavors. Let them know it is okay to make mistakes but learn from them in order to grow.
Glenbard West Student Council Executive Board sponsored the annual Freshman Leadership Conference for over 100 students! This event looks to develop and refine the leadership skills of our freshman class. Freshmen are nominated by staff who recognize their potential for greatness and influence on the culture at West. Deb and Dana Hult of Triad Training are nationally renowned working with hundreds of schools across the United States teaching the power of positive peer relations within a school. Students were challenged to make a positive impact on their classmates through daily interactions as well as school and community, as a whole, through their leadership. Most students seldom receive formal training in basic leadership skills, and our belief is this leadership training will help them become more meaningful and effective. Ms. Monahan and Mr. Zander, West teachers, delivered breakout training sessions as part of the conference. The conference is a unique experience for students to interact and learn from experts as well as leaders within Glenbard West. 

Mr. Thomas Barlow
Mr. Mike Souza
Ms. Alexandria Taylor

Attendance Matters!  

Classroom attendance is considered to be an integral part of the student's course of study. When absences occur, it is important to note the following: 

Time lost from the classroom is essentially irretrievable; the experiences, discussions and the uniqueness of the classroom learning process require school attendance. 

Establishing good attendance habits better equip young people toward being productive members of society.

Once a student misses eight full days of school, the school may require a doctor’s note on file in order for each absence to be excused. 

If a student has more than eight days of excused absences, the Problem-Solving Teams are actively providing the student and family with medical/mental health intervention.

As we continue to monitor attendance, we want to express our gratitude!

We thank: 

Our students and families for making daily attendance a priority.

Our fantastic teachers who pour their energy into making each classroom an exciting place to learn.

Our nurses who take the necessary steps to keep students healthy.

Our support staff who provide the extra hands and attention our students need.
Joyce Wagner, 97 years young, is joined by her daughter, Gilda Ross, as she tells students at Glenbard West about her two years in the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz. Joyce came to West to share with students her experiences in the Holocaust. Her visit also coincides with the theatre department's preparation for its winter play, "The Diary of Anne Frank".
2019 - 2020
Winter Drama

The Diary of Anne Frank

January 30 – February 1, 2020

The Diary of Anne Frank

The haunting story of a teenager and her family who are forced to hide for nearly two years in an attic to escape Nazi persecution. In spite of the horrors that surround her, Anne’s spirit prevails as she voices her belief, “in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart.” This story of resilience continues to resonate deeply, making Anne’s story as vital today as when her diary first was published.

Glenbard West alumni & Joseph Jefferson nominee for Best Actress in a musical, Molly Hernandez will direct!
Spring Comedy
Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

April 16 – 18, 2020
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May 1 & 2

Student written & directed!
Once again, Glenbard West enjoyed a great fall season with many team and individual accomplishments. Here are just a few highlights:

Varsity Girls Cross Country finished 6 th Place at the IHSA 3A State Finals and also won the IHSA Regional and Sectional. The team was led by 4-time State Champion Katelynne Hart and All State runner Audrey Allman who finished 18 th .

Varsity Girls Tennis finished 4 th Place in State and Sienna and Shannele Lopez won the IHSA 2A State Doubles Championship. Sienna and Shannele are the first 2 tennis state champions in Glenbard West history!

Pierce Cousins, William Hohe, and Colin Hess all qualified for the Boys Cross Country IHSA 3A State Finals in Peoria.  Pierce finished in 12 th Place overall and was All-State.

Varsity Field Hockey finished 4 th Place at the IHSFHA State Tournament in late October. This is the 5 th consecutive year that the team has finished in the top 4 of the State.

Varsity Football won the West Suburban Silver Conference Championship for the 11th time in the last 12 years.
Varsity Boys Golf won the IHSA Sectional for the first time since 2000 and finished 5 th Place at the IHSA State Finals.  John Wild finished in 3 rd Place overall. 
Congratulations to the West /South Girls Swimming Co-op as they finish 2nd as a team at the IHSA Sectional at York.
Many of our winter sports teams are getting ready for their seasons to begin. Please come out and support the following teams in the upcoming months. Up-to-date schedules can be found at here.

Boys' Basketball will host the District 87 Tournament for all levels November 25 - 27.

Girls' Basketball - Glenbard East hosts the District 87 Rachel Bach Tournament on Monday, November 25th at 7:00 p.m. Glenbard West vs Glenbard North and Tuesday, November 26th at 7:00 p.m. Glenbard West vs Glenbard East.

Wrestling will host “King of the Duals” Saturday, November 30 starting at 9:00 a.m.

Girls' Gymnastics will host the inaugural Hilltopper Invite on Saturday, December 7 at 11:00 a.m.

Cheer and Dance have moved to their competition season and have upcoming meets in December.

Boys' Swimming begins practices November 25 with their first meet in early December.

News from School Counseling

(Check out the School Counseling Newsletter for more info on scholarships and important dates at: )

Seniors - We know you are feeling some relief as the bulk of the college application deadlines passed on November 1st! There are still applications being submitted for December and January deadlines, but we’ve currently had 2,444 applications submitted by 432 students! Make sure to remind your seniors to send a thank you note to all the teachers that took the extra time to write their letters of recommendation. We are excited to report 169 college reps visited Glenbard West in the Fall to talk to 913 student attendees! Just another reminder, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) opened up in October. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you got to to get it completed, not only for consideration of financial aid but also for scholarships from colleges. Speaking of scholarships, Local Scholarship applications will become available in mid-January on Naviance. 

Juniors - A reminder of the free test prep through Khan Academy available to you anytime by logging into your College Board account. Be sure to follow up on our September presentations and the recent College Night by continuing your college research and developing your activity resume in Naviance. Although the bulk of our college rep visits have taken place, there will be more in the Spring! Make sure you are checking in Naviance to sign up for these visits.  

Sophomores - Counselors will be visiting your English classrooms in the first week of December to talk about selecting your classes for next year and reviewing your options. It is never too early to start talking to your teachers about recommendations on what you should be taking junior year. In Spring, we’ll be coming to English classes to guide you through a personality test on Naviance and begin exploring some potential careers, college majors, and developing an activity resume.

Freshmen - If your counselor hasn’t met with you already, we will in the upcoming weeks. We’re talking about your future plans, showing you how to choose your classes in PowerSchool, and setting some goals for success. 

2020-21 Course Enrollment

Beginning December 2, School Counseling will begin the course enrollment process for the next school year. Students will once again enter their course requests online in the student portal of PowerSchool. During the week of December 2, school counselors will visit Sophomore English and Junior U.S. History classes to discuss the online enrollment process and hand out course enrollment forms. Freshmen are meeting in small groups with their counselor to make general selections in PowerSchool that you may edit from home.

Students will be able to enter their course selections beginning December 2 and have until January 7. Students who have an IEP or who receive academic support within the EL program will have access to view their course selections, which will be chosen through an individualized team process. After the deadline, students will meet individually with their school counselors during the weeks of January 13th-31st. These dates can be found on the  Glenbard West School Counseling public calendar.

The  Course Selection Worksheet/Schedule and List of Courses  can be reviewed and utilized as a tool to assist students/parents in selecting next year's courses.  

For more detailed course descriptions, please refer to the  Glenbard West Enrollment Handbook.     

It is essential that your student give careful consideration to his/her course choices. Any changes after January 31st must be discussed with the student's school counselor prior to April 30th. Students may not change their mind after April 30th. Parents, we value your input in this process because you best understand your own student's interests and goals. You also see how the overall academic rigor of his or her schedule affects daily functioning.  

Important Dates

December 2 - December 20
Teacher Discussion Recommendations
Counselors provide enrollment information

December 2 - January 7
Input course requests in the student portal of PowerSchool 

January 13 - January 31
Individual 1:1 follow-up meetings with School Counselors

April 30
Last day to change a course for 2020-21 school year

Critical thinking a key component of our Profile of a Graduate
I am excited about our Profile of a Graduate – a transformative movement that features six competencies we want every graduate to embody. Our Profile of a Graduate includes the following competencies:
A Glenbard Graduate:
  • Collaborates
  • Communicates
  • Thinks Critically
  • Embraces Diversity
  • Creates
  • Is Self-Empowered
The six competencies are accompanied by descriptions that were developed by department chairs from each of our schools, along with school and district administrators. We worked through several iterations and used resources from EdLeader21, a national network of educators implementing competencies into their systems.

Let’s look at the descriptions that accompany thinks critically:
  • Leverages curiosity to identify problems and take intellectual risks 
  • Examines and challenges assumptions, making decisions based on evidence 
  • Reasons effectively to make logical judgments and explanations 
  • Develops a variety of solutions and arguments to authentic problems 
  • Questions one's own thinking, reasoning and beliefs 

Here are some examples of what thinks critically looks like in the classroom:
  • Student-generated questions that clarify, verify and challenge the texts they read, their own idea and their classmates’ ideas 
  • Students using math and computational thinking in science – applying concepts to new situations
  • Analyzing and interpreting data, selecting the most important information from a text or presentation
  • Students reading with a critical eye around bias, context, audience, and purpose
  • Evaluating the strength of evidence
  • Students identifying authentic problems and multiple solutions
  • Evidence of students changing and evolving from their original conclusions
Our Profile of a Graduate, which is our roadmap, was the focal point at our October Institute Day. I’m proud of our faculty and staff working to support our Profile of a Graduate and each of our students. No matter what path our students take after high school, we are equipping them with the skills they will need. Learn more about our Profile of a Graduate  here .

November 27, 28, and 29
No School - Thanksgiving Recess

Friday, December 6
Booster Gear Black Friday Sale
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Location: Circle Drive

December 18 - 20
First Semester Exams

December 23 - January 3
Winter Break

January 6
No School - Institute Day
**Classes resume on Tuesday, January 7**

January 14
8th Grade Parent Night
6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

January 18
8th Grade Enrollment
9:00 - 11:00 a.m.
12:30 - 3:00 p.m.

January 20
No School - Dr. Martin Luther King Day

January 22
8th Grade Enrollment
4:00 - 7:00 p.m.

January 25
Pack the Place

During Winter Break , the Main Office will be open on December 23, 26, and 27, as well as, December 30, January 2, and 3. Operation hours will be from 7:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. 

A new thread of Glenbard Parent Series is now available. Check out the 5 minute videos created by our guest speakers - with a Take 5 (Teen Talk) version for students and a Take 5 (Parents/Adult) version for their parents/caregivers.

Start the conversation here!
At Glenbard West, we offer a violence and bullying hotline which allows students to provide anonymous information to school officials regarding potential school threats or bullying incidents.  The number is (630) 942-7406. 

Additionally, students can text a  CRISIS Text Line: 741741  which sends information to a Crisis Counselor, a real-life human being trained to help individuals return to a healthy/stable level of functioning. 

The Attorney General's Safety Tips homepage contains several links that may provide additional helpful resources.

Students who wish to report a potential act of school violence at Glenbard West may also leave an anonymous message with our Police Liaison Officer at  (630) 942-­7463 .
Main Office
(630) 469-8600
Attendance (24-Hour Line)
(630) 942-7480
(630) 858-5060
Nurses' Main Office Number
(630) 942-7493
School Counseling x2258
Student Services x2417  
Attendance AFTER HOURS (630) 858-5060 
Bullying Tip Line (630) 942-7406