February 5, 2021
A Message From Principal Bagdasarian
Dr. Shahe Bagdasarian
We are committed to celebrating our students as we continue to navigate through these challenging times. The York High School Administration has been working with various stakeholder groups to plan graduation and other celebratory events for students that have traditionally taken place during the last half of the school year. The conversations have been productive and innovative solutions are being considered so that our students can deservingly be recognized. Be advised that more information regarding graduation will be shared with seniors and their families next week.

The planning for prom remains fluid. Our venue, The Crystal Gardens, will be closed and will no longer be an option for York this year. The York administration is working with our Student Council to consider creative ways that we can host a possible "prom-like" event in a safe manner while adhering to IDPH guidelines.

As you are aware, this has been a challenging school year for our students, parents and staff. I encourage families to reach out to the school with any concerns so that we can productively address them in a collaborative manner. Your insights and feedback are valued during these unprecedented times as we work to continuously improve the learning environment for our students. We are looking forward to bringing back our students on more consistent basis as soon as we are able.

Best regards,
Dr. Shahe Bagdasarian
York High School Schedule February 8 through February 26, 2021
York Saturday Success Academy (YSSA)
York Saturday Success Academy (YSSA) sessions are offered on from 9 a.m. until noon in the York High School Learning Commons. Students who need extra academic support will receive assistance from YHS teachers during these sessions. It is also a great time to work on group projects or have room to spread out and study. All YHS students are welcome to attend. The program is designed to help students from falling behind while providing support in their academic classes. Seniors at risk of not graduating are strongly encouraged to attend.
Cannot make it this Saturday? Why not take advantage of student check-in times that are offered on block schedule days from 1:50-3:06PM. Please contact individual teachers to set up an appointment. 

Who can attend? The YSSA is open to all students who need additional academic support. Students who have a D and/or F in any class are highly encouraged to attend on Saturday until their grade improves. 
How can I get to school on Saturday? Transportation will be provided for students based on request. 

Will there be food? No eating will be allowed in school. Students are encouraged to eat breakfast before attending YSSA.

Who will work with the students during YSSA? The YSSA will be staffed with York teachers from various academic departments. We will also have peer tutors available to work with students.

Is pre-registration required? Yes. Due to social distancing capacity may be limited each week. Pre-registration form HERE. The registration form will be shared with parents, students and staff in addition to being posted on our website. Students and parents will be responsible for signing up for this academy. Teachers are always welcome to share the link with families.
A note from Student Services
We are a few weeks into the second semester and many are starting to feel pandemic fatigue. As parents and guardians, we are juggling a lot! Not only are we doing our best to keep up with the daily household items and jobs, we are also trying to sustain our mental sanity! What can you do to keep your emotions at bay during challenging times? Here are a few tips from the Cincinnati Children's Blog: 

Identify What Sets You Off
Make a plan for those times when something “pushes your buttons''. Recognize your emotions and have a plan to subside those emotions before they escalate.  

Walk Away
Walk away from the “trigger” if you are feeling overwhelmed. Take a break from whatever is setting you off.  

Do Something That Calms You Down
Experiment with different calming techniques. Try a variety of options such as exercising, deep breathing, listening to music. 

Call a Friend or Family Member
Having a support system is more important than ever right now. It may be calming to get things off your chest instead of holding it inside.  

Spend Quality Time Together
Try to spend 5-10 minutes of quality time together. If your children are misbehaving, perhaps they are seeking attention and quality time might be just the thing they need.  

Consider Professional Help
Does your employer have an employee assistance program? Typically they will offer a few free therapy sessions for the employee and their family members. Here is another site to find local therapists: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists.
We will come through this pandemic stronger and wiser, but in the meantime, be sure to take care of you, your family, and your mental health.