Principal's Newsletter 
June 2020

National Merit Finalists

Paul du Vair
Sofia Iannicelli
Morgan Rose
Francis Sheehy

National Merit Scholarship

Sofia Iannicelli
Yousuf Khan
Morgan Rose
Francis Sheehy

NROTC National Scholarship
Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

Henry Morof

Character Counts Pilar Award

Liliana Aguilar-Ocampo

Rotary Significant Achievement Award

Molly Howard
Riley Krudop
Sophie Netzel
Aniya Roby
Joshua Varghese
Denise Zavala

Livingston Human Relations Award

Katlyn Anderson
Alan Avalos
Jillian Evans
Meg Farley
Roxanne Geballe
Chloe Karp
Yousuf Khan
Aline Lamadrid
Claudia Pyka
Anna Sear

Sons of the American Revolution Outstanding Citizenship Award

Collin Estes

Illinois Principal's Association Student Recognition Breakfast
The Illinois Principals Association hosts an annual Student Recognition Breakfast to honor selected students who work hard in school and demonstrate positive character traits

Mahak Sharma
Lazerick Smith

District Art Award

William Hohe

Eagle Scout

Chris English


We salute our seniors who will be serving in the military after graduation:

Samantha Appleby, Marco Curiel, Emilio Galvan, Stone Grant, Ryan Kerrigan, Danny Reyes, Santiago Rodriguez, and Diego Sanchez
Carolyne Abel, Lauren Ackermann, Lauren Alcock, Inayah Yousuf Ali, Asha Amin, Niklas Anderson, George Apostolou, Charles Baer, Matthew Bak, Madeline Beery, Blake Bennett, Allison Bertoia, Roshan Bhagwakar, Nicholas Bilotti, Michelle Bishka, Amelia Boeh, Cate Borgman, Brennan Cairns, Luke Cavan, Ryan Chapski, Allison Ciero, Malachi Clark, Morgan Clifford, Margaret Corona, Pierce Cousins, Zain Dhatwani, Gabriella Di Domenico, Anna Diab, Luca Diomede, Jaclyn Dougherty, Matthew Dugan, Olivia Edakkunnathu, Evelyn Erickson, Scott Everson, Elyssa Fischer, Lucas Ford, Nathan Franz, John Goodman, Jessica Griffin, Michael Hall, Quinn Hardesty, Nolan Hart, Ava Hartsell, Arfa Hassan, Ella Herbert, Kendall Hermanson, Megan Hoerster, Zachary Hoffman, William Hohe, William Humble, Noah Kaye, Katherine Keller, Laiba Khan, Autumn Klein, Kathryn Kooy, Alexandra Kud, Sophia Lee, Harsimran Lehal, Denin Limouris, Thomas Lohman, Bridget McBride, Sydney Melms, Luisa Metz, John Miller, Nathaniel Miller, Caleb Moorhead, Charles Morawski, Katherine Morris, Kathryn Morrison, Daniel Mulcare, Aidan Murphy, Ryan Murphy, Nathan Navarro, Victoria Nguyen, Emma Nielsen, Alexander Olechowski, Carlie Olsen, Neev ONeill, Kaylee Phillips, Aaron Piszczek, Amber Quinn, Sophia Radke, Kenna RasmussenRoyce, Dominic Renzulli, McKenna Rooney, Eleanor Saguto, Mary Saldeen, Mykhail Sandacz, Gavin Schilling, Colleen Shanahan, Austin Jamie Simon, Emerson Smith, Braden Spiech, Andrew Stolfe, Avnika Surapaneni, Sean Swikle, Ema Thorakkal, Kaitlyn Tran, Haley Trippel, Maya Umlauf, Zoe Umlauf, Allison Updegrove, Daniel Vesevick, Omar VillaZuniga, Isabelle Williams, Amy Wozniak, Afreen Zameer, Rocco Zucchero.
West student journalists earn state honors

Congratulations to The Glen Bard   newspaper staff   at Glenbard West   for the following Illinois Journalism Education Association state competition awards: 
1st Place - Annie Cleaver

1st Place - Annie Cleaver & Griffin Murphy

2nd Place - William Hohe

2nd Place - William Hohe

3rd Place - William Hohe

3rd Place - Sean Kern

3rd Place - Annie Cleaver
Best Photo Gallery or Photo Slideshow:  Girls Varsity Basketball Defeats Waubonsie Valley” 

3rd Place - Morgan Rose and Collin Estes
Best Video Story:   “Suburban Sustainability”

Honorable Mention - Genevieve Ick

Honorable Mention - William Hohe, Michelle Bishka,
Genevieve Ick, Asiya Mohiuddin, Amy Wozniak,
Olivia Edakkunnathu, and Ben Galvanoni
Best Website:

Honorable Mention - The Glen Bard - Best Hybrid Publication
Honorable Mention -   The Glen Bard - Best Overall Publication  
Glenbard West students in Maggie O’Connor’s English learners English bridge class wrote “We Are America Glen Ellyn,” a book of personal stories that was recently published as part of a national project called We Are America Project.

This project beautifully captures youth voices from across America. Our students’ stories share obstacles they have overcome and life lessons they have learned. Their remarkable stories are  here .
2019 - 2020
Congratulations to West students
who earned Seal of Biliteracy

Congratulations to 119 Glenbard West seniors who have earned the Seal of Biliteracy. The requirements to earn the seal were established by the State of Illinois and approved by Glenbard District 87. The Seal of Biliteracy is an award given by a school district in recognition of students who have studied and attained a high proficiency in two or more languages by high school graduation. The Seal of Biliteracy is noted on the high school transcript and will appear on the diploma in the form of a gold seal. This recognition serves as a statement of accomplishment for future employers, as well as college admissions officers. See their names  here .
2020 - 2021
Glenbard West student council announces the student council executive board and class boards for the 2020-2021 school year:

The executive board includes president Will Humble; vice president Ryan Chapski; corresponding secretary Kate Morris; recording secretary Maeve Campanella; special events Megan Hoerster and Jaclyn Dougherty; publicity William Hohe; senior liaison Luisa Metz; junior liaison Kenny Gibson and community service Arfa Hassan, Ellie Short, Carlie Olsen; and leadership Jane Pieper, and Ava Hartsell.
The Class of 2021 class board includes   Zach Hoffman, Nate Franz, Margaret Corona, Luis Garcia, Ellie Saguto, Lauren Alcock, Roshan Bhagwaker, Terrance White, Nolan White, and Sophia Lee.
The Class of 2022 class board includes   Tommy Sear, Maddie Yob, Nikki Tyburk, Audrey Allman, Patrick Hohe, Maggie McDonnell, Anne Dillman, Pavan Patel, Grace Galitz, and Ryan Park.
The Class of 2023 class board includes   Jane Franz, Brooke Dougherty, Michael Short, Norah Chirila, Abby Olsen, Jessie Morris, Ava Kreissler, Daniela Currie, Kate Jewell, and Anastasia Andrianopolous.
Transcript requests, work permits, a copy of an immunization record, or transferring out of Glenbard West:

Contact Ms. Margie Kruk at or call 630-942-7484


Transfer students into Glenbard West:

Contact Ms. Chris Gladish at or call 630-942-7482


Residency paperwork and questions:

Contact Ms. Wendy Rosario at or call 630-942-7462


Contact Ms. Mary Yangas at or call 630-942-7761


Summer School Questions:

Contact Mr. Ben Peterselli at or call 630-942-7520


Ipad Questions:

Contact Mr. Mike Chlapecka at


Athletic, athletic physicals or paperwork, uniform or equipment return:

Contact Ms. Ellen Reifel at or call 630-942-7549


Special Education questions, IEP questions, paperwork or requests:

Contact Ms. Maureen Petersen at maureen_petersen@glenbard.or or call (630) 942-7440


Student fees and billing statements:

Contact Ms. Mary Yangas at or call 630-942-7761


Music/Fine Arts Deparment general questions (i.e. band camp, band, choir, orchestra, visual art or theatre:

Contact Ms. Andrea Beckham at
Congratulations to Glenbard West High School Assistant Principal for Instruction Rebecca Sulaver on earning an Award of Merit in the 2020 Distinguished Service Awards Program sponsored by the Illinois chapter of the National School Public Relations Association.

The INSPRA Distinguished Service Awards recognize those who make a difference in their school communities by helping to promote public education and enhance its programs and services. Nominees are evaluated on their ability to support or improve understanding and communication in the school/district; foster cooperative partnerships between the school and community; and strengthen the overall support for education by stakeholders.
Attention Class of 2021 and Class of 2024

Have you turned in your necessary health requirements yet for next year?  

All incoming seniors ( the Class of 2021 ) must show proof of receiving the meningococcal vaccine. 

All incoming freshmen ( the Class of 2024 ) must show proof of having received a physical examination, needed immunizations, and proof of dental examination. 

The health office is requesting this information by July 15th, 2020.

For more information and forms, please visit the Glenbard West health office webpage at

Students will not be allowed to complete the Back-to-School process without a completed physical (freshman) or proof of meningococcal vaccine (seniors). The first day of school exclusion will apply to a lack of/or incomplete physicals and/or immunizations.
Matter of Pride is a recognition award given to students who demonstrate through their actions, quality character that promotes Glenbard West. Nominations come from staff  members as well as individuals
within our communities. Ten nominees are selected monthly
and presented with certificates and t-shirts.
Congratulation to our March Recipients:

Paolo Carino, Ethan Coronelli, Ali Ebraheemi, Paityn Formanski, Joshua Formento, Riley Krudop, Charles Lettenberger, Sania Niaz, Juan Rodriguez Galeano, and Briana Rodriguez

Each Quarter our teachers across the various departments at
Glenbard West choose the one student who best exemplifies
excellence within their discipline. The Glenbard West community
remains strong because of these students. We congratulate the Departmental Recognition Award Recipients and we thank the families and teachers who have helped them along the way.
Congratulations to the following students for their
Third Quarter Departmental Award achievement

Recipients are Allison Alcock, Paige Anderson, Alan Avalos, Jacob Cavicchioni, Anna Cleaver, Olivia Faris, Maribella Fues, Nuha Hussain, Grace Kando, Emma King, Colin Lewis, Rommel Neri, Ethan Parab, Nicola Setterdahl and Marcel Slowikowski.

Congratulations to all on your well-deserved recognition!  
Congratulations to the following students for their
Fourth Quarter Departmental Award achievement

Recipients are Marina Akamatsu, Benjamin Brandt, John Clark, Nolan Foley, Noah Hanson, William Hohe, Lenny Jaimes Salgado, Jacob Lachs, Julia Lagomarsino, Lilian Luarca Moreno , Hannah Moffatt, Sophie Netzel, Nathaniel Pinto, Xanthe Sumaylo, and Juliette Winter.

Congratulations to all on your well-deserved recognition!   
Superintendent: staff is focused on each student
In these times of great uncertainty, there’s one thing you can be sure of: our faculty and staff are working hard to provide a safe, nurturing environment in which students are supported and encouraged to learn. Our partnership with families is critical to our success.
We have been on a multi-year journey to teach social emotional learning standards that include five components: self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, social awareness and relationship skills. Now, more than ever, our staff’s instruction and support in these areas is critical. I applaud the classroom teachers, student services staff, support staff and administration for reaching out to students on a regular basis. Students develop in all five areas with the encouragement and support of a caring adult. Clearly, Glenbard West cares about their students.

I also recognize the many social and emotional needs that staff, students and families have during this crisis are affecting daily life. Anxiety, grief and loss can limit everyone's ability to manage their lives in our current situation. Our school psychologist, social workers, school counselors and school nurse are working to support students, families and staff during this unusual time. I encourage you to read their weekly messages in Glenbard News , and if you need assistance from them, please call Glenbard West’s helpline at 630-942-7406. They are there to help.
Sadly, an outgrowth of the pandemic is the growing number of families facing financial difficulties. I appreciate the many donations to our foundation, the Partnership for Educational Progress (PEP). These donations help families who are hardest hit by the pandemic. If you would like to help, you may donate to the PEP Glenbard Student Support Fund here . Your donation will help our families in need with items such as grocery gift cards, etc.
I am touched by the stories of concern for neighbors and kindness among strangers, friends and family alike. Empathy and compassion during this prolonged crisis make a world of difference in the lives of our family, neighbors and others.
While most of us are working from home, essential workers in our buildings and throughout the community continue to go to work each day. We have the utmost respect for these individuals, who are doing critical work while we observe the state’s stay at home order. They truly are heroes. Their selflessness and commitment to our students and staff is impressive.
I have said it many times – I am thankful for our talented and dedicated staff, who go above and beyond for our students. I admire how our staff adapted to remote learning, as well as the many ways they are connecting with students and designing exciting learning opportunities. Be confident that our staff is focused on each student’s needs and goals.
We miss our students and staff. We miss seeing you at school events. Thank you for your continued support, patience and support during these challenging times. While the future is uncertain, I know we collectively and individually will be stronger. We will get through this together.

A new thread of Glenbard Parent Series is now available. Check out the 5 minute videos created by our guest speakers - with a Take 5 (Teen Talk) version for students and a Take 5 (Parents/Adult) version for their parents/caregivers.

Start the conversation here!
At Glenbard West, we offer a violence and bullying hotline which allows students to provide anonymous information to school officials regarding potential school threats or bullying incidents.  The number is (630) 942-7406. 

Additionally, students can text a  CRISIS Text Line: 741741  which sends information to a Crisis Counselor, a real-life human being trained to help individuals return to a healthy/stable level of functioning. 

The Attorney General's Safety Tips homepage contains several links that may provide additional helpful resources.

Students who wish to report a potential act of school violence at Glenbard West may also leave an anonymous message with our Police Liaison Officer at  (630) 942-­7463 .
Main Office
(630) 469-8600
Attendance (24-Hour Line)
(630) 942-7480
(630) 858-5060
Nurses' Main Office Number
(630) 942-7493
School Counseling x2258
Student Services x2417  
Attendance AFTER HOURS (630) 858-5060 
Bullying Tip Line (630) 942-7406