Mustang Messenger l October 17, 2018           
Message from the Principal

As you may recall, we have had a detailed police officer present during mornings when we have school Mass to monitor the travel between buildings as well as remain present in the church throughout the service. Altamonte Springs Police Department will be picking up that detail once again, following CommunityFest. As an added safety measure, we have begun locking all exterior entrances to the church at the onset of all school Masses, with the exception of the front doors. Please plan on entering the church through the front doors if it is close to the start of Mass. Thank you so much for your cooperation! 

I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of our families for responding to the call to volunteer for Kids’ Games this weekend. This is the first time (in my seven years here) that we have gone into the weekend with all slots filled! I am so incredibly grateful to all of you!!! 
Dates to Remember

October 2018

18 - No School for Students, Professional Development Day for Teachers
19 - No School, CommunityFest
22 - No School, CommunityFest
23-26 - Red Ribbon Week
30 - All Saints Parade, Gr. K - 4, 1:45 pm
30 - Halloween Class Parties, Gr. 1 - 8, 2:15 - 3:00 pm

November 2018

1 - All Saints Day Liturgy, Gr. 5, Church, 10:00am
2 - End of First Trimester
4 - Fall Open House
Notes of Interest
STEM Club for Middle School Students - Limited Availability
On November 15th we will hold the first meeting of our STEM Club for this school year. Membership is limited to ten (10) middle school students. Please click HERE for more information.
Auction Winners' Parking Spots
We need your help! There are two parking spaces on campus delineated for our auction winners, located near the picnic table area. Please help us by leaving those spaces open for those families. Mark your calendars for this year’s auction on April 6th where those spots will once again open up for bid! 
In the News
CommunityFest 2018 Parade
“Showcasing Broadway's Most Memorable Plays” is this year’s parade theme! If your child would like to be in the parade here are a few details: 

  • Meet on the lawn in front of the school office at 5:00 pm on Friday, October 19th.
  • Parade starts at 6:00 pm. 
  • Pre-K and Kindergarten Students – “Cats”. Wear plain color clothes or something that has leopard spots or tiger type stripes. We will provide cat ears. Please draw whiskers on your child’s cheeks. 
  • 1st and 2nd Grade Students – “Oklahoma”. Wear jeans and cowboy boots (if you have them). We will provide cowboy hats. 
  • 3rd and 4th Grade Students – “South Pacific”. Wear White T-Shirts, blue jeans or white pants and white shoes. We will provide sailor hats. 
"Sweet Treats" Booth
Once again, the “Sweet Treats” booth needs your help! Could you bake or provide yummy baked goods for our “Sweet Treats” Booth? Your creative and delicious desserts are always a big hit, such as cakes, pies, brownies, cookies, buckeyes, and specialty treats.

When: Fri., Oct. 19th - donation drop off, (corner of 1st Grade Bldg. 8 am to Noon under tent) or SMM Cafeteria, “Sweet Treats” Booth             

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind and delicious donation to our SMM “Sweet Treats” Booth!
Faith on Campus
October - Month of the Rosary
The Universal Church dedicates the month of October to the recitation of the Holy Rosary. The student body of St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School has been praying one decade of the Rosary during our Monday morning assembly. Middle School students visit the grotto and bring their intentions to Jesus through Mary, the Mother of God.
Living Gospel Values
Today after our school Mass, Fr. Michael invited the faithful to send a blessing to the eighth grade class on their mission field trip to live out the Gospel Values. This is the first of three visits to serve at food pantries, schools, and nursing homes. Living Gospel Values is a wonderful program that allows our students to take Christ to others.
Stampede Success!
Our 2018 Mustang Stampede fundraiser was a “superhero” success this year! Although the figures are not completely finalized, we estimate this year’s profits to be approximately $35,000, over $10,000 more than last year! Many thanks to all of our generous supporters this year – parents, donors, sponsors, volunteers, faculty and administration, and especially our enthusiastic students who were rewarded with a day of fun running the track and bouncing in inflatables. The event was topped off with a cookie and a cool Planet Smoothie treat!

Congratulations go to our top three fundraisers: 1st place – Joshua Cash (2A), 2nd place – Alyssa Powers (1S), and 3rd place – Michael Gallagher (1S). We are grateful for all who supported this year’s Mustang Stampede! Stay tuned for information on new technology here at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School, thanks to your generosity!
Red Ribbon Week
We are looking forward to celebrating Red Ribbon Week at St. Mary Magdalen School next week. We will focus on making safe and healthy choices for our bodies and our future. 

Did you know…Students of parents who talk to their children regularly about drugs, are 42% less likely to use drugs, than those who don't, yet only a quarter of students report having these conversations. Below are a few websites that provide ideas for starting these valuable discussions. 

In addition, we encourage you and your family to take the Red Ribbon Campaign Pledge, which can be found at

Friendly Reminders: 
Tuesday 10/23 – Sock it Out to Drugs! Wear silly socks to school.
Thursday 10/25 – Red Day! Students are asked to wear red shirts and socks. 
(Students should still wear school bottoms and shoes).
In the Classroom
Fourth Grade
Students in Mrs. McWhorter and Mrs. Griffin's class learned about the Beatitudes, the teachings of Jesus that describe the way to live as his disciples. In teams, students were assigned one of the eight Beatitudes to discuss and learn it’s meaning. They created posters and PowerPoint presentations teaching about their Beatitude, which they presented to their classmates. What an artistic and smart bunch of disciples they are!
The Virtue of Courage
The 2nd and 5th grade students gathered together in the cafeteria to discuss the virtue of COURAGE. Mrs. Albin read the story, "The Thing Lou Couldn't Do" to the students. They discussed the meaning of having the courage to try something even when it is difficult or scary. The older children helped the younger ones to create a banner illustrating what courage looks like at St. Mary Magdalen School. Look for our creation in the cafeteria!
Home and School
Volunteer Opportunity
Fulfill your volunteer hours and support our school. All families are required to volunteer at least 5 hours in the lunchroom or recess. Volunteers should have cleared fingerprints and completed safe environment training. If you have any questions please contact Nancy Thomas. Please click below to volunteer during the month of October. We look forward to seeing you on campus! 

Sports Highlights
David Rivas, Middle School Athletic Director
Anja Doherty, Grade School Athletic Director
Daisy Nassis, Cheer Director

Please see the Sports Button for more information regarding:

  • Middle School Sports – Girls’ Basketball and Boys’ Soccer Playoff Schedule
  • Middle School Sports – Girls’ Basketball and Boys’ Soccer Playoff Brackets
  • Middle School Sports – Important Dates and Looking Ahead
  • Middle School Sports – Girls’ and Boys’ Track Sign Up 5th – 8th grade
Weekly Attachments
  • All Families: Faith & Family Night with the Orlando Magic, 3/8/19, 7:00 pm
  • Barter Barn, 2018 – 2019 
Parish Weekly News
C lick HERE for Parish Weekly News.
Mission Statement for St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School: St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School prepares students for life with a quality Christ-centered education in a safe and supportive environment. Families, faculty, and parish share in the development of the spiritual, academic, and social potential of each student as a unique child of God.