Dear All Saints Families:

This week begins the amazing Scholastic Book Fair. This year's theme is the "Enchanted Forest" and when you see the transformation of the Media Center, you will be amazed. Our goal is always to excite our children about reading. Finding the right level of book and genre is critical to drawing a child into the love of books. With these book fairs, there is a variety of books at all levels. The themes and decorations build the excitement in our children. I thank our Book Fair Committee in all they have done to make this a magical event. Thank you to Mrs. Maihack and Mrs. Malinowski for leading the way. Our classroom parents have also heightened the excitement by decorating bulletin boards and/or classroom doors in this year's theme. We have so many talented parents who give so much of their time. Our next Book Fair in the spring with celebrate our Catholic Identity as we bring in a Catholic vendor for the first time. This will provide a wonderful opportunity to join our faith and reading in our children.

On Friday, your child's Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) scores went home. A letter also accompanied the scores to explain that scores are just the starting point for the year. They are a tool for the teacher to use within the classroom to assist in learning. Your child's scores may have gone down from the end of last year because there is generally no classroom learning with depth and rigor during the summer months. This happens to many children. This test is done early in the year to catch each child's level at the start of the school year. As educators, we are concerned about growth through the year and how to maximize learning. We did not want to send these reports home with first quarter report cards because they are truly relaying information about your child's level at two different times. MAP's is learning readiness at the start of the school year and a report card is achievement after a quarter of the school year. We will have parent/teacher conferences on Wednesday, October 24th after the end of the first quarter which ends October 12th. Both of these reports can be discussed at that time. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Jenny Uible if you have further questions about this test. A comment was made that we are doing more testing like public schools. I want to make it very clear we do not teach to the test, rather we use the data to better educate the child and learn what ways we can best meet his/her needs. Data and knowledge about the class' readiness to learn must drive instruction. We do not merely start at the same point every year and repeat what was done last year. We adapt the lessons and sequencing of learning knowing where our children are ready to learn and where they need remediation or enrichment.

The annual school auction gala is to being held on Saturday, November 3 at Marisol Country Club. Invitations were sent out over a week ago. I understand that all families are over-scheduled in our lives today. However, if possible, make time for this special event. The auction is the largest fundraiser for the Home and School Association. It is important that this event is successful. The Home and School Association is required to provide the school with $130,000 each year for the operating costs of the school. Since the Home and School Association is responsible for the major fundraising for the school, this contribution is required by our governing Board of Pastors. I truly want parents to know that this contribution is critical for the cost of running the school. It is not simply for extras needed here and there. In the last few years, tuition has increased minimally and it is through this fundraising we are allowed to keep tuition costs down, while the cost of educating a child is increasing. We appreciate all that everyone is doing for this amazing event. It is truly a community event, filled will fun and support for this strong and amazing Catholic school.

As of October 1, All Saints Catholic School is associated with Amazon Smile. Amazon Smile is a component of Amazon that allows non-profit organizations to receive a percentage back on purchases made. The amounts given to an organization vary with products bought. The buying power of Amazon is huge and can be a wonderful way to effortlessly receive some donations. Rather than logging into Amazon, one must log into and select All Saints Catholic School in Jupiter as the recipient of donations.  Once All Saints is selected, you can begin to use to shop on Amazon. Please see for further information to log on. We understand you may also be contributing to another non-profit, but if you are not, we ask that you please sign on to help All Saints. Thank you.

Yours in Christ,
Mrs. Jill Broz
Letter from Our Home and School Association

Dear All Saints Catholic School Parents:
As we enter into the middle of the first quarter and settle into the back to school routine, the Home and School Association (HSA) would like to provide you an overview of our last year's accomplishments and a look forward into the 2018/2019 school year:
Summary of 2017/2018 HSA fund distributions:
The HSA has a yearly commitment of $130,000 towards the operating budget of the school. This contribution is critical in continuing to provide quality education and resources while maintaining tuition costs at a level open to a wider range of the community we serve. The operating budget includes things such as teacher salaries and utility bills among other expenses associated with day to day running of the school. Because of the generous and continued support from so many of our families to the HSA fundraisers, tuition has seen only very small increases over many years while expenses continue to rise and be added.
Last year the HSA also financially supported the school hydroponics program (used in grades 5-8), partially funded our school Resource Officer, and continued in the process towards the redevelopment of the athletic field.
HSA 2018/2019 Fundraisers:
November 3, 2018 - ASCS 16th Annual Gala Auction - The Mystical Forest. This event is our biggest fundraiser for the year. Its success every year is possible because so many of our families are invested and involved in this event. The wonderful chairs, Jamie Gozzo and Laurie Canzio, along with the entire auction committee, are very busy now preparing this fabulous evening for all of us. Please RSVP at www.allsaintsjupiter.or/auction. Advertising and sponsorship deadlines are also quickly approaching, please email with any questions.
Mixed Bags - Thank you to everyone who shopped this year through the Mixed Bags fundraiser. If you have any additional shopping, you can still shop and support All Saints through December 31 at school code 564349.
We are now registered through Amazon Smile - All of your amazon purchases can now also support All Saints when you shop through and select All Saints Catholic School.
Keep on the lookout for information on our other fundraising events such as the  "Dine Around Town and Shopping Give Back" events and the Ladies Luncheon.
HSA Family Social Events:
These upcoming events, organized by parent volunteers through the HSA, are fun family social events:  
Daddy Daughter Dance - Friday February 8, 2019
Mother Son Night - TBD
Family Movie Night - Saturday January 26, 2019
HSA Priority - Development of the Artificial Turf Athletic Field
The development of the artificial turf athletic field is dependent on raising funds for the construction. A designated separate account has been established for these funds and the current balance is $250,000.   This field is used for recess, field day and practice and home games for boys' and girls' soccer, lacrosse, and flag football. Maintenance and safety concerns will be addressed from the existing problems with moles (which have to be addressed every year), holes, and drainage. It will be a beautiful addition for us and a source of school pride to showcase for our visitors and to enjoy ourselves. Currently, a fundraising consultant has completed an initial assessment of school needs and is in the process of completing a feasibility study. If any families have expertise, potential product donations, or just a general interest in seeing these fields come into fruition, please contact me at
Thank you to all our families, volunteers, teachers, and administration for the dedication and support to the education and formation of each of one our beautiful and blessed children.

Sarah Walthall
Volunteer Opportunities

Helping Hands:
Join Helping Hands on Wednesday mornings in the cafeteria after drop-off.  This program assists teachers in completing material and resource preparation.  This is an easy way to complete your volunteer hours and a great opportunity to get involved and make new friends.  If you have smaller children at home, please feel free to bring them along as well.  
Please contact Rita Berley with any questions,  rita.berley@handslawllc.com301-509-0729.

Mrs. Deanna Beres,

All Saints' Auction is scheduled for Saturday, November 3, 2018 at Mirasol Country Club. Regular meetings are held on Thursdays at 8:00 AM in the HSA Room 110. Many volunteers are needed to make this event a success. Our two chairpersons, Laurie Canzio and Jamie Gozzo, are eager to have you join the team.   To volunteer email the committee at

For any general questions please contact Patty Rabideau at 561-385-1659 or at  We want all of our families to be able to find where their time and talent can be best served.

Upcoming Events

Virtue of the Week: 

Monday, October 1
Last day for Jupiter Lighthouse Adventure Cove Mini Golf

Tuesday, October 2
Chapel Liturgy
7:15 AM
All are welcome.

Wednesday, October 3
Ros ary in Lobby
7:30 AM

Helping Hands
8:15 AM

Thursday, October 4
Auction Meeting
8:00 - 9:00 AM

Liturgy 9:00 AM
St. Peter Church

3:00 - 6:00 PM
Eat dinner and visit the book fair

Friday, October 5
Have a wonderful weekend! 

Tuesday, October 9th
6-8th grades Meet and Greet with Cardinal Newman High School 8:30 - 9:30 PM
ASCS School Cafeteria

Wednesday, October 10th at  6:00 PM
Preparing Your Middle School Student for High School Presentation
6:00 PM 
Media Center
(appropriate for MS parents)


Monday, October 1
JV Volleyball
Practice: 3:10- 4:45 PM

Varsity Volleyball Practice 
7:00 AM

Boys Flag Football
3:10 - 4:45 PM

Tuesday, October 2
JV Volleyball 
GAME: vs. St. Juliana at ASCS  5:00 PM

Varsity Volleyball Practice
7:00 AM
GAME: vs St. Juliana at ASCS 4:00 PM

Boys Flag Football
GAME: vs Palm Beach Day at ASCS 4:00 PM

Cross Country
3:10 - 4:15 PM

Wednesday, October 3
JV Volleyball 
GAME:  vs. Weiss at Weiss  5 :00 PM

Varsity Volleyball Practice  7:00 AM
GAME:  vs. Weiss at Weiss  4 :00 PM

Boys Flag Football
GAME: vs Meyer
at ASCS  4:00 PM

Cross Country
5:00 PM

Thursday, October 4
JV Volleyball 
Practice: 3:10- 4:45 PM

Varsity Volleyball Practice  7:00 AM  

Flag Football
3:10 - 4:45 PM

Cross Country
3:10 - 4:15 PM

Friday, September 14
Varsity Volleyball Practice 7:00 AM 


With Jesus and the Saints as our models, All Saints Catholic School is dedicated to providing all students with a nurturing, learning environment reflecting Gospel values and the teachings and traditions of our Faith. The school is committed to developing responsible citizens by promoting academic success and preparing students for high school and eternity.  All Saints encourages students to open their hearts to the Lord, their minds to learning, and their talents toward service to others.

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