July 23, 2019

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Principal's Welcome

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,
I hope this summer is providing you with an opportunity to rest, relax and have fun with family, friends and loved ones. I am excited to update you on some highlights to look forward to when school begins on Monday, August 12  with the first of our orientations. 

We welcome our Class of 2023, many of whom have already taken summer school courses to get a head start on their academics. We are excited about what they will bring to Carondelet and our student body. We have students enrolled from 38 zip codes and 56 schools - both are among the most of any class ever - and the diversity and experiences they bring to our student body will enrich us in unimaginable ways.  
I am pleased to announce the hiring of our new Athletics Director Scott Kennedy. Scott brings over 20 years of experience from the San Francisco section at Mission HS and International HS. He will lead our full-time staff, which includes Assistant Athletic Director/CAC Operations manager Cat Arroyo and Head Trainer Emily Silva, and all of our coaches. We have hired Jessica Dominguez as a second Athletic Trainer and Dani Bernat as our full-time strength and conditioning coach. Emily and Jessica will ensure we have training staff at all practices and games and Dani will create a schedule for every single athletic team to create a program that includes injury prevention work as well as strength, speed, and agility training.  
With the opening of the CAC last year, and we have already created some amazing memories there. With incredible successes on our home field, we are committed to adding support for our student-athletes so they can reach their fullest potential.
Innovation Center
The STEM Innovation Center is on schedule to open in mid-November with classes in this space beginning in January.  We have already designed courses that will take advantage of the space that we are creating and we have plans to add programming and create myriad opportunities to host events, conferences, our middle school feeder students and provide entrepreneurial opportunities, as well.
We have hired Chris Walsh as the Innovation Center Director.  Chris brings a wealth of experience in areas that tie in directly with the focus of the Center - collaboration, technology, creativity, and entrepreneurship. The Center and Chris's expertise will provide untold opportunities for our students that no other school in the area can match.

Features in Newsletters
We want to celebrate our outstanding and dedicated faculty and staff in more ways. In each week's enewsletter, we'll feature an academic department or office on our campus, sharing what they're up to and how they're making a difference with your child and our school. Look for those articles to begin next month.
We'll also be hosting parent education evenings and informal information nights throughout each semester so that we can answer questions and have discussions on an ongoing basis. Again, look to the weekly newsletter to keep you updated on all that is going on at Carondelet.

2019-20 will be a historic year at Carondelet and we cannot wait to share it with you!

Kevin Cushing

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