Principals' Update: March 12, 2021

Parent Drop Off Update
In preparation for full in-person learning for hybrid students, we are updating the parent/guardian pick-up and drop-off procedures at CMS. This new format will take effect on Monday, March 15th.

Parents and guardians will circle the entire parking lot when dropping off or picking up students. We will use concrete barriers to create a long sidewalk extending West towards the freeway wall. This increase in sidewalk space will enable us to quickly and efficiently welcome a larger number of students. We will have extra staff on hand before and after school to direct traffic starting Monday. Thank you.
Start Times
After 14 months of study, Eden Prairie Schools determined school start times for the 2021-22 school year. Read about the study process at Central Middle School’s start and end times next school year are 9:25-4:07.
Central Middle School
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