Principals' Update - 9/1/21
CMS Schedule
At CMS, we are running a brand new schedule and have set considerable time aside at the start of our school year to teach students how to navigate their day. Part of our learning will be to teach students about Flex and the Modified Block. For now, the only thing your student needs to be thinking about is their 1st period class--this is where they will start every day during the first week of school.

We have received some common questions regarding our schedule and have created an FAQ below to address some of these.

Q: What does Day 1/Day 2 refer to on my student's schedule?
A: Day 1/Day 2 applies to your student's Physical Education class and Music (or special services) class. They alternate on an every other day basis throughout the year.

Q: Where should my student go at the start of the first day of school?
A: All students should report to the first class on their schedule (NOT advisory). Staff will be helping students navigate their classes throughout the first days/weeks of school.

Q: What is Flex?
A: Flex is an opportunity for students to select an offering from a menu provided by teachers. We will be training students on Flex during the 2nd week of school. Students will report to their Advisory class for the Flex period to start the year. Again, we will direct students where to go for this period.

Q: What is the modified block schedule and what does BW and BT mean on the schedule?
A: We will NOT be running blocks during the first week of school. Starting September 15th, students will follow a modified block schedule where they attend each of their classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays for approximately 45 minutes. They will then attend half of their classes on Wednesday for 90 minutes each and the other half of their classes on Thursdays for 90 minutes each. Here is a sample week at a glance. (Remember--we are NOT utilizing Blocks the first week of school.) If you see 1BW on your student's schedule, that means "Day 1 Block Wednesday."

Q: When does my student eat lunch?
A: The document will show you when each grade level eats.
Parent Pick up and Drop off
**A detailed plan and map for parent drop off and pick up will be coming soon.
Share Your Thoughts About Supporting Students in the Pandemic Recovery
As we come back to school, we are looking to sustain effective, new practices and also to get back to some familiar routines. Eden Prairie Schools is eligible for one-time, federal coronavirus-relief funds (called ESSER III). The purpose of this funding is to sustain the safe operation of schools and address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our students.
As part of the application, we need your input. We are asking stakeholders of Eden Prairie Schools to participate in a ThoughtExchange. This is a process that allows our community to submit ideas and also to review the ideas of others. ThoughtExchange is confidential and supports shared input as we plan for the use of these one-time funds. This federal support is not designed to cover day-to-day operational costs (such as teachers, utilities, devices, transportation, etc.), which are paid through state funding and local property tax revenue.
Please give us your input, and review what your community members have to say, by Sept. 13. Multiple languages are supported in ThoughtExchange.
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