October 2015 Edition
Dear Beloved,

We warmly welcome you to our October newsletter. The year has gone so fast, it's difficult to believe we are only two months to the end of year.

Always remember that Father God's value of you is seen in the price he was willing to pay for your life. We pray for a greater revelation of this love that caused Him to give His only Son.

Always remember that Father God is interested in everything about you, including your business.

In His Presence
Principles for Kingdom Assignment/Project. 

The other day, I was seeking the Lord about principles to guide the way we do Kingdom Assignments/Projects/Business. There is a lot of shaking, the world over, and so many businesses have gone under.  He made me realise how interested He is in our businesses, which He called Kingdom Assignments/Projects. These don't necessarily have to be church projects. Any project that children of God are interested in, are of great interest to Papa.
We seem to go ahead to do things our way, and then later look to Him to bless what we have done. He would prefer that we put Him at the centre and have Him guide us each step at a time, especially as He is a God that knows the end from the beginning.

By using a part of the story of Moses, these points can be illustrated: 

The first step is 'Hearing God's Voice'

God's desire is that His ways be known (Psalm 67:2). He says in Isaiah 55:8-9 that His ways are different from ours. This means we have to intentionally work at knowing what His ways are. To do this, we have to go to Him with paper and pen and ask. Jesus also told us that His sheep hear His voice (John 10:3-4, 27).

We need to believe this and press into it. It's difficult to say that we are in relationship with someone who we don't have two-way communication with.  Prayer is supposed to be a time of speaking and listening to God. The listening part, is
when we hear the Lord's response to us. The Lord's response may come as a heart perception, an unusual thought, an audible voice, an impression or in any variety of ways that our Almighty God desires to communicate with His children. Right from the Garden of Eden, God had always desired to fellowship with man. Sin came and separated man from God. Jesus' death on the cross was to reconcile us back to God and recover for us what was lost.

Moses (Exodus 14) knew he was to lead the Israelites, but he wanted to go about it his own way. He saw an Egyptian and an Israelite quarreling and murdered the Egyptian. When he was accused of his action, he ran away. It took the Lord another 40 years to prepare him, while tending sheep, to do God's Kingdom assignment in God's own way. God's Kingdom assignment has to be done in His own way to provide God's results. Man's way only produces man's results.
The Second step is 'Obeying God's Voice'

Jesus modelled how to live in relationship with our good Father. He said that He only did what He saw the Father doing (John 5:19). In other words, He obeyed God's instructions. Also in John 8:28, Jesus said again, that He did nothing of His own authority. This implies, Jesus stayed close to His Father, and obeyed. It's important to add here that partial obedience in the Kingdom is not considered obedience.

We all know the story of Moses going to Pharaoh to let the Israelites go to worship God. We have read about the plagues and all that happened before Pharaoh said they could go. We know however that Pharaoh soon changed his mind and went after them.When Moses and the Israelites, got to the edge of the Red Sea with the Egyptians chasing after them, they had various options open to them. The option of doing man's method or God's method. Man's method involved fighting and quarreling, deciding who could swim, those who could make a quick raft, or returning to Egypt. Alternatively there was God's way which involved asking Him. Moses chose the latter. He chose to hear God's voice and it was a simple instruction. He could have said like we sometimes do that it's too simple. But he chose to obey. The instruction was to lift up the rod and stretch his hand over the sea.

Moses obeyed God's instructions and the waters opened up revealing a path for them to walk on. Some of us are in this place, where opportunities have opened up but we are too scared to go forward because we are still not sure it was God's word we heard. It sounded too simple. I suggest you go back to the Lord to confirm.

The Third step is 'Expecting God to show up with signs and wonders to confirm the obedience of His voice'

The parting of the Red Sea was God's wondrous sign to the Israelites that He was in charge, and because Moses obeyed He was making a way open to them. How amazing was this?

When the Egyptians came to the edge of the Red Sea, they also had a choice. Egypt had one of the earliest civilisations, so they felt they knew it all. They were in complete control of everything and they did what seemed good in their sight. Also, they didn't feel they needed to ask anybody because looking ahead in the physical, they saw people in front and they did not question the relationship those people would have had with the Creator of the sea, or what went on before. They just rode in.

A lot of times we enter into Kingdom Assignments the same way we have seen other people do it. We do not wonder about the concession the Lord may have given them. We do not listen for God's Voice ourselves. The Egyptians went in head first without listening for the voice of the King of Kings who really is the only One who is all knowing.

We all know the rest of the story. As the Israelites got safely to the other end, Moses again stretched his hand out over the sea, and the water came together again, drowning  the Egyptians, and they all perished.

So, we learn here the importance of being in personal relationship with God, and in this way we will know what He is saying in our Kingdom Assignments/Projects. We then obey Him, so its His way, not ours.

Therefore, it becomes so much easier to give Him all the glory because the result is far above anything we could have planned and it's so obvious that it is not us.

My prayer is that our Kingdom Assignments/Projects will prosper as we put Jesus at the centre by listening for His voice, and having Him direct things for us as we walk in obedience.

May God bless you.

Mina. X
Kingdom Harvest Conference 2015
Kingdom Harvest Conference 2015

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May the Lord continue to uphold and preserve you all.

God's blessings,  


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