Principles to Observe for a Good Home Staging Practice

Once you get your own home, there is an excitement to get the decorating and furnishing part done. All you want to do is paint the walls your favorite colors and add trendy popular furniture items. However, there are few basic décor rules you should follow if you want your home décor to flow.
Seeing your home at its finest is one of the best things to look forward to after work. Studies have shown that a clean environment induces productivity. While many of us prefer to hire a home staging service, others want to decorate their own homes at their own pace with their own style - especially those who have a knack for colors and embellishments. The rest of us just learn the skill through constant enhancement of our homes.

Many of us do not have the artsy gene, but there are some techniques that we can go by to mix and match colors and styles. These principles are very easy to live with, making it convenient for you to welcome your friends and loved ones with happiness, comfort, and pride.

  • If we have the rule of thirds for photography, we also have the rule of odd numbers on home staging that produces harmony and visual interest for your visitors. Things that are arranged even with their differences in shapes, heights, and textures also help. This may seem a little weird, but the key here is to group objects that have similarities in them, but at the same time, a noticeable difference. The contrast that it creates commands instant attention from a person's vision. This would surely attract your visitors in a fun and unusual way.

  • Find the thing that captures your attention the moment you walk into your home, including everything that surrounds it. You can use this as your starting point when decorating. If you can't find the focal point of your home, you can always build one. You can set one wall and make it different from the rest through painting it with a different color and accessorizing it accordingly. You can also use large pieces of embellishments such as furniture, paintings, or mirrors to enhance it.
  • There are basic measurement rules for curtains and furniture that you can keep in mind when you decorate rooms. You can do a further research on this, but here's a bundle of heads-up for you:

a. Use the rule of thumb in determining the
distance between your favorite sofa and
TV.  Multiply the diagonal size of your TV
by two. Following this will not only give you
comfort, it will give you a stylish
arrangement too.
b. Observe a 15'' to 18'' distance between coffee tables and sofas.
c. For hanging curtains, the usual 1'' to 3'' overlap on either side of the window is
great to follow. Normal height for curtain rods must be around 4''. If you want
your curtains to look taller, you can go beyond 4'', but do not exceed 8''. If you
want it to look wider, you can go as far as 12'' on either side of the window.
d. If you want to have paintings at your home, keep it at eye level - somewhere
between 56'' to 60'' from the floor. If you want to hang it above your sofa, make
sure it doesn't go more than 2/3 of the sofa's width.

e. For rugs, it is ideal to leave 12'' to 18'' of floor surface on all four sides of the
rug. You can put all the legs of your furniture on it.
f. Add the best type of lighting that's suitable for the function of the room.

As the owner of the house, there is one simple rule that you cannot ignore, and that is to follow your guts, especially if your first arrangement does not look great to you. You can always decorate your own home according to your own preferred style and design.

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