State Printing Rates Available
for Instructional Continuity &
Assessment Materials
We are pleased to offer printing and shipping at state rates for your custom or TEA Instructional Continuity & Assessment Materials from TEA .

´╗┐Our Print Center is open and ready to assist with printing. In the event that our machines reach capacity, we have partners who are ready to help us!

Email or call with the following information:
  • Files you want to print or which grade-level packets you're choosing
  • Quantity of each
  • Deadline
  • Delivery to an admin office or to individual households

Pricing is based off of the  TX Home Learning Print & Shipping Pricing  listed under Printing & Shipping Services. Full pricing information and an estimate calculator can be found here .
Packet Examples:
+ Shipping (est. $6.99-$11.77)  
Truck delivery to the school may be available.
While packet production prices are set, shipping costs can vary due to several factors including: combination of books (weights/sizes) per household shipment, size of book, origination and final zip code.
How else can we assist?
Ask us about printing cards, handbooks, or planners!