Microsoft Security Update Causing Sporadic Printing Issues

Microsoft released a couple of security updates mid-June that have been causing printing issues in both Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer browsers.

This printing issue is not limited to FlexMLS; the articles linked at the end of this Flextip provide information on problems affecting the general population.

FlexMLS users have reported sporadic printing issues where some photos will not print for a listing and others will print. Other printing issues that have been reported are receiving blank pages when trying to print tax records or data sheets. In the event your printing issue is with a data sheet only, you can print using the 'Print and Preview in a new window' check box option. 

This security update does not affect Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

If your listing is one of those affected, you have 2 options:
  1. You can use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.
  2. Give us a call and we will fix the photos for you in the affected listing.
NOTE: Please be aware that this fix is not global - meaning the printing issue may occur on another listing.

More technical details can be found here regarding this issue and the article links below.


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