Aetna Better Health of Nebraska Medicaid

Prior Authorization Helpful Hints:



Aetna Better Health of Nebraska's new systems and authorization requirements became effective 8/25/14.  


Any prior authorizations received from CoventryCares of Nebraska have transferred into the Aetna Better Health of Nebraska system and will be honored through this transition under the authorization number provided by CoventryCares. 


Here are some things that you can to do to complete authorizations without calling the prior authorization phone line: 

  • Access the provider portal to complete authorizations online
    • If you're not able to get past the sign-in screen, you're not registered on the provider portal. 
    • Register for the provider portal using the form found here.
    • Email the completed form to, or fax to 1-844-797-7602.
  • You may also fax prior authorizations requests to 1-844-213-9659. This is particularly helpful for the following:
    • Skilled nursing facility
    • Acute rehabilitation
    • Outpatient therapies (physical/occupational /speech)  & chiropractic services
      • The initial evaluation visit does not require an authorization
      • Additional visits for treatment do require authorization
        • Pediatrics - Please provide diagnoses & services (codes) that are being requested & clinical information
        • Adults - Please provide diagnoses & services (codes) that are being requested
      • Home health care (including home health aide)
      • Durable medical equipment
      • Dental anesthesia for children 8 years and under
  • Providers need to provide the billing codes (CPT or HCPCS) for the services/procedures that are being requested. An authorization cannot be completed without these codes. Your billing area may be able to provide you with a list of the more common codes that you use.

Please share this information with the appropriate office staff calling in for Prior Authorization requests. Click to download the Prior Authorization Guide.


Provider Handbook Now Available

Click to view the Provider Handbook.