Volume 06 | November 5, 2021
Welcome back to our Bullitt County Public Schools e-newsletter: Always Moving Forward. We are eager to build upon our relationship with students, parents, and the entire community by sharing what is happening in our district with all of you.

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Prioritizing the health of BCPS
Age for vaccination expanded
I hope you have been able to stay warm over this chilly stretch of days and that all of our students had an opportunity to enjoy participating in some of the many fall-themed festivities within our community. Creative play is an important developmental stage of childhood. It is hard to believe that it is already November.

Transportation Department implements new routing system
On November 1, the BCPS Transportation Department began the implementation of the new routing system to service over 9,000 within the district. With the recent circumstances and numbers of available drivers within our department, it was incumbent upon us to modify and update our routing system to match our employee base.

VIP campaign nominations
As we inch closer and closer to Thanksgiving Break, it’s time to think about the Very Important Partner (VIP) Youth Poster Campaign for the 2021-2022 school year. This campaign is put on by the Bullitt County Partners in Prevention Coalition in conjunction with BCPS.

After-school elementary activities
Here at BCPS, we believe the school day can only offer so much learning for our students -- as they stay busy keeping up with the state learning standards, we understand they don’t always have the time to pursue additional interests.

In the Spotlight
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