Feburary 1st, 2021 Vending Technology News
Are you searching for route management software for your vending or OCS business? If so, Prism Visual Software offers the route management software that operators need to ensure accurate sales and deliveries. 

Prism’s software includes everything the company says an operator needs in one software suite, including tools for collections and maximizing sales.

In the vending industry, time is money, and having the right route management software means that operators need all of the tools at their fingertips to ensure business and routes are running efficiently. 

Powered by Bing Maps, this software reduces inefficiency in the field, increases the accountability of all workers and offers the following benefits: 

Vending machines can bring in great profits when they are placed in the right locations but moving them can be a pain, literally.

Thanks to the PowerMate Stair Climber, operators can use less manpower and save body strength because the PowerMate motor does 100% of the lifting when vending machines are lifted into trucks or moved up stairs or into a confined space.

With this solution, operators will also be able to lower their labor costs because the PowerMate Stair Climber makes it easy for one person to move a vending machine where two people may have been needed in the past. 

While smart vending machines were on the way before Covid, the pandemic has seen an increased deployment of AI-powered machines worldwide. One company taking on the market is SandStar, which uses highly advanced cameras the company says can recognize more than 30,000 different products with an accuracy close to 100 percent. The cameras are so advanced that SandStar says they can analyze a consumer’s gender and expression analysis.  

This gives operators a huge advantage over traditional vending machines because the technology enables operators to see clearly which products they should be stocking and promoting more, and which products they should be eliminated from their vending machines.

With vending at the forefront of automated retail, many operators are thinking about investing further into the category of kiosks. The reason these operators are seeking kiosk opportunities is because automated retail is quickly becoming one of the most ideal shopping methods since all a consumer needs to do is choose the product on a kiosk rather than shopping in a brick and mortar store.  

Automated retail kiosks by Signifi Solutions, Inc. make getting started in automated retail easy for any operator because its cloud-based interface that lets operators know what’s happening with their machines 24-7. 

Signifi’s software lets operators monitor every aspect of traffic at their retail kiosk locations, including changing prices, updating content, and remotely supporting local staff.

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