Local tattoo parlor raises awareness of suicide prevention and supports CompeerCORPS
Every tattoo tells a story...

For the second year, Prismatic Ink Tattoo is supporting CompeerCORPS through their "Semicolon Tattoo" event. With each semi-colon tattoo reserved with a deposit in the month of April, owner Lindsay Fulk will donate $10 to help local veterans through CompeerCORPS.

The symbol of a semicolon comes from Project Semicolon, chosen to raise awareness of mental illness and suicide prevention. Grammatically, the semicolon is the punctuation used when a sentence is could be over but the author decides continue the idea.

"CompeerCORPS is very grateful for Lindsay's continued support of our program," said Compeer of Lebanon County Executive Director, Alane Stief. "With the funds raised through this event, we will be able to continue to support one-on-one friendship connections that match veteran volunteers with veterans in our county who experience a mental health disorder."

To make a reservation to get your own semicolon tattoo, please contact Prismatic Ink at 717-450-4471 (729 Walnut Street, Lebanon). 

Compeer of Lebanon County |    director@compeer-lebanon.org
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