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Addressing the Looming Health Crisis in State Prisons

One of the IOG's newest faculty members has been awarded a five-year Career Development grant from the National Institute on Aging. Rodlescia Sneed, PhD, joined the IOG last year as assistant professor . . . MORE

Bridging the Resident-Research Divide in Detroit

Research matters. Research studies investigate the core issues of our urban environment, such as understanding the causes of health disparities that put older African American adults at higher risk of many diseases than their White counterparts. This type of research requires . . . MORE


The Feldman Report

We’re On the Radio!

Listeners to WWJ Radio are catching “Financial Tip” spots featuring advice and services from the IOG’s Successful Aging thru Financial Empowerment (SAFE) program and its Older Adult Nest Egg website. Narrated by the highly recognizable Murray Feldman, the 1-minute spots discuss the epidemic levels of financial fraud, scams and exploitation of older adults and how to prevent them. The spots are co-sponsored by Baldwin House Senior Living and the Center for Financial Planning.

Listen to all the segments HERE, or on Newsradio WWJ (950 AM) around 10 am and 3 pm. Click to hear SCAMS - A BIG PROBLEM.

Listeners learn how to access SAFE for free financial coaching and victim recovery services and for resources and questionnaires to identify vulnerabilities and overcome them. 

Lifestyle Changes for Brain Health

Dr. Ana Daugherty's tips for good brain health appeared in the Royal Oak Tribune, Macomb Daily and Oakland Press. Thank you to Area Agency on Aging 1B for the excellent interview. READ STORY


The Community Advisory Board of our Healthier Black Elders Center listens as investigators present their research.

Unique Consultancy Guides Research and Outreach to Detroit's Older Adults

For more than two decades, the Healthier Black Elders Center (HBEC) has worked to reduce the significant health disparities between older African Americans and their Caucasian counterparts. The focus has been on recruiting more minority members to participate in research projects and to provide quality community education and outreach to encourage health enhancing behaviors.

In 2020, HBEC launched a new initiative to further encourage the participation of older African Americans in research. The Consultancy Program enlists members of HBEC’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) to advise . . . MORE

"My consultancy role is a two-way street: I gain understanding and I give understanding."

– Adelia Cooley

HBEC Community Advisory Board Member/Advisor



Don't miss our 25th Annual Art of Aging Conference

JUNE 15, 2023

Open to All!


Engagement Fast Facts

See all the latest facts and stats for our community engagement programs. We keep on growing . . .

View IOG Engagement Milestones for 2022-23


Training Program Names New Director

Tam Perry, PhD

Tam Perry, PhD, took the lead as director of training last fall, overseeing the IOG's 12 doctoral student trainees researching diverse aspects of gerontology. She had been co-director of training under Gail Jensen Summers, PhD, who retired after a long and prestigious career jointly appointed as a professor of economics at Wayne State. Dr. Summers directed trainees at IOG for almost a decade before her retirement. . . MORE

Award-Winning Economics Professor and Gerontologist Retires

Professor Gail Jensen Summers, PhD, retired from Wayne State University in 2022. She was jointly appointed in the Institute of Gerontology and the Department of Economics. As a health economist and gerontologist, her research evaluated health system reforms, the determinants of healthcare disparities, the effects of . . . MORE

Age Friendly Wayne State University Fights Ageism

Wayne State University is "age friendly." It earned that global designation in 2022 by committing to a set of principles to respect, include and support older adults in our policies and practices. WSU's older learner programs, human resources trainings, direct outreach and research projects exemplify the university's dedication to include older adults. Be an age sage and help fight ageism and age discrimination. Read our "Roaring through Retirement spotlight on an "age friendly" initiative at WSU and help us banish ageism wherever you find it. Learn more on Wayne State's Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion webpage.

Age-Friendly Survey for Wayne State Employees


Presidential Honors – Peter Lichtenberg, PhD, welcomed 3,200 people from 38 countries to the Gerontological Society of America's annual meeting in December. As the 2022 president, Dr. Lichtenberg provided opening remarks at the Indianapolis event and welcomed the keynote speaker Pulitzer Prize-winning author Isabel Wilkerson. Being elected GSA president

and hosting the annual scientific conference was, "one of the greatest honors of my lifetime," Dr. Lichtenberg said. IOG faculty . . . MORE

From Birth to Old Age – The IOG's partnership with sister institute Merrill Palmer Skillman created the Lifespan Alliance, a combination of research conducted by faculty and students at both institutes and spanning the life course. Each year, students at . . . See Lifespan Research Day

Leadership in Cognitive Neuroscience – The IOG's Cognitive Neuroscience group with multiple labs and large grant awards to start or continue major research projects. Drs. Noa Ofen and Jeske Damoiseaux direct the group; Dr. Ana Daugherty . . . See Leadership in Cognitive Neuro

View all our Honors & Achievements HERE


Making Care

More Powerful by

Making It

More Personal

CorsoCare is a team of experienced medical professionals who guide families through their healthcare journey. Their footprint has grown throughout Michigan, now serving over 20 counties with local teams servicing patients from their own community. . . MORE

CorsoCare Home

Health and Hospice

serves patients throughout Michigan

Final Push for IOG Endowment Campaign

First it was $1 million, then $1.5 million, then our goal was to (could we really?) raise $2 million for the IOG's first ever endowment. Today, we are ecstatic to report, the endowment is close to $2.6 million. Our goal is now $3 million by mid-2024. The fund provides unrestricted, long-term monies to supplement research grants and support the IOG's mission to help older adults in Detroit and beyond. "The endowment campaign ends in about a year," Dr. Lichtenberg said, "and we want to finish strong. Our board members, community partners, professionals who work with older adults, and friends have been unbelievably generous. We thank them deeply and promise endowment funds will help us understand and assist healthy aging, now and in the future." 



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