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Take a minute and think about this quote from the article below:
"By succumbing to a culture of fear and believing in the power of government or money to solve all social problems, we have left unattended a ticking time bomb that is touching the lives of us all and threatens our way of life."

In what ways do you see us as a ccountry giving in to this culture of fear, and how can we help put an end to it? Check out Dr. Moody's thoughts in the article below, and then let us know what you think.


business-piggy-bank.jpg In our Utopian vision of "heaven on earth", America, referred to in more irreverent circles as "Incarceration Nation", has built county, state and federal corrections into a huge growth industry fully backed by bureaucrats, lobbyists and tens of millions of self-righteous bloggers. With one in every hundred citizens incarcerated at a cost of upwards of $60,000 per year each, "Tough-on-Crime" has created political careers, job security and the Patriot Act without a single shot being fired.

That is, until the Supreme Court ruled in 2011 to force California to reduce its prison population to 110,000 by releasing 33,000 inmates over 2 years.[1] Two years later, the shell game having shifted to now-overcrowded county jails and private prisons yielding super returns on invested capital, the problem was declared solved by Gov. Jerry Brown[2]. "Not so fast, Governor!" ... 

[1] Don Thompson, Supreme Court Upholds Order for California to Cut Prison Population, Huffington Post, 5/23/2011. 

[2] Wyatt Buchanan & Egelko, Jerry Brown Says Prison Emergency Over, SFGATE, 01/08/2013. 


Read the rest of the article here.  


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