Summer 2016 - In This Issue:
Welcome to the Summer 2016 edition of Private Client News. Between vacation and warm weather activities we hope you find time to read the enclosed articles.

Keep in mind that hurricane season is upon us. While a full-blown categorized storm may not be in the forecast, leaves, limbs and rain make for a messy combination, causing roadways to become slippery and impeding drainage. Pooling rainwater and debris can cause serious damage. Homeowners policies usually do not cover flood damage. For more information on flood insurance, please contact your Lyons Private Client Services Account Manager, or email  me .
In closing, we at Lyons Companies want to note that in early August, Roni Young is retiring after twenty-two years with the firm. Roni is family to us and to many of you. We will all miss her and wish her every happiness in the days ahead.

We appreciate the trust you place in Lyons Companies and look forward to serving you in the future. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance.

Thank you for your continued business and support.

Very best regards,

Kevin C. Thomas, ARM
Chief Operating Officer
Lyons Companies
Be prepared for summer storms! 

The past three Atlantic hurricane seasons have largely been comprised of near misses and glancing blows. However, with two named storms formed in Alex and Bonnie - before hurricane season officially began - forecasters believe this could be the year the quiet tide turns .  

Don't be taken by surprise; here are some ways to prepare for severe weather.

College Students and Liability Risk:
How to protect your child and your assets
Source: Ace Private Risk Services
In today's litigious environment, where lawsuits can result in verdicts exceeding $10 million,
parents should consider the following steps to protect their child and their family wealth.

CyberSafe Fundamentals Check 
Effectively managing cyber risk requires knowledge and layers of protection.  Check out this nine-point cyber-risk assessment to help you identify and address vulnerabilities in your home network, devices and online activities.
There's a Big Difference Between Warehouse Space and a Good Fine Art Storage Facility

There is a big difference between warehouse space and a good fine arts storage facility.  Over the years, many of the innovations in fine art storage - new policies, ideas and practices - are a direct result of art insurance requirements and collaboration between insurance and fine art providers.  Knowing what to look for and using providers that have experience working with art insurers is crucial to securing your valuable collections.