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Jump through January! Away we go! It's the end of the month already, and it's been such a great start to 2014. Our clothing swap was a tonne of fun, and if you made it down, you might have won a cool prize! 

If you're planning to come in for February, there are still a few days left to make your purchase. Payments are due on the 1st of the month, and there's such a great month to come: It's Share the Love Month at Buddings, with tonnes of fun programming and art activities celebrating our favourite feeling! 

Hearts abound this month, and here's a big one for you! ;)
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Swapping Success!
Mission Accepted: Sharing the Love
End of the Month Activities
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Swapping Success! 
Wow. That was a lot of stuff! The Kid's Toy & Clothing Swap went off on Sunday Jan. 26 without a hitch, and if you didn't make it... you missed a pretty cool event. :(
The kids were so excited to be at daycare on a Sunday, with new toys everywhere, it made for hilarious challenges in getting them to sit still to try stuff on! With so much to choose from, though, parental determination paid off, and everyone left with lots of great clothes for Spring and beyond! 
And why not? Just $1 per item for great play clothes, and some very formal dresses for toddler girls, and a chance to win a prize for each item you take! 
We had six amazing prizes, plus the GRAND PRIZE - March hours for FREE! Check our blog recap for photos and the list of big winners!

Mission Accepted: Sharing the Love!
Saint Valentine gets a lot of credit for the warm feelings in February, but at Buddings, we think there's room for a few more patrons of Love! The mission has been accepted, and for the whole month, we'll be doing our absolute best to help him out! 
It's time to Share the Love, and we've got a whole month of great programming and activities to get the kids in the spirit for LOVE. 
The booking calendar has all the details, and you're sure to notice the changes over the month as we fill our daycare with buckets of love. And of course, we'll keep you posted!

End of the month is neigh!
The Early Purchase Bonus deadline is passed, but if you haven't bought your February hours yet, you have until the 1st of the month to LOG IN and make your first purchase. Unpaid accounts on February 3rd will be deactivated, and may be subject to the reactivation fee. Don't forget, your account must have a payment by the 1st in order to have you remaining January hours rolled over. 
As long as you have 4 or more hours left, you will find them in your account on the 1st (as long as a purchase for the month has been made, of course!), and ready to book for the month. For a refresher on the Roll Over Rules, check the post on our blog
January snack invoices will be issued at the same time, and you have until the 1st of March to pay it off, either by credit card online, or with cash next time you're in. 
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