eBrief April 20, 2018
Congrats to These Pro Bono Heroes
Thank you to the following attorneys who successfully closed their extended representation cases with Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham.
Attorney Elizabeth Cvetetic helped a party who had been separated over 20 years, through their divorce. “Everything went marvelous,” the client stated. “Ms. Cvetetic was so nice. I am finally divorced! Praise the Lord! I really do appreciate y’all.”
Attorney Aman Kahlon assisted a client, who is a recovering drug addict, through her divorce. "Mr. Kahlon did a great job,” said the client. “Thank you guys so much, I appreciate everything.”
Aman Kahlon
Katie Hill
Katie Hill
Ryan Hodinka
Ryan Hodinka
Debra Lewis
Attorneys Katie Hill, Ryan Hodinka, and Debra Lewis (Balch) stopped the auction of a low-income client's car, who she said was wrongfully towed from her apartment before Christmas. They also persuaded the apartment complex to pay the $1,800 towing fee, making this a happy holiday season for the client and her two children.
Attorneys Needed
Client Needs Help
Mentally abused woman needs help through her divorce from her spouse that is incarcerated for sexual abuse of a 13-year-old family member. I Can Help.
Disabled woman with multiple sclerosis needs help through her divorce. Woman was abandoned several years ago by her husband and currently resides in a nursing home since she cannot care for herself. I Can Help.
Please help this single mother get a fresh start. Client stated that she has been struggling to take care of her daughter since divorcing her abusive ex-husband. Client would like an opportunity to start over, but because of past debt is unable to secure a stable home for her family.  I Can Help.
Please help this disabled client file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Client stated that his debt is due to past due medical bills. Client would like to be able to pay his bills and continue to provide for his family but he cannot do so without a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I Can Help.
Thank You to Our Help Desk Volunteers
Thank You Pro Se Docket Attorneys
Thank you to these volunteer attorneys who assisted 18 self-represented litigants appearing before Judge Nakita Blocton to settle their cases. We could not help these clients without you!

Keith Brashier (Burns Brashier & Johnson) (pictured-far left), Angelique Ciliberti (Bradley)(pictured-far right), Tiffany DeGruy (Bradley) (pictured-left), Charity Gilchrist-Davis (not pictured), James Gillis (pictured-right), Tiffany Jones (not pictured), Susan McAlister (pictured-left of Judge Blocton)
Judge Nakita Blocton (pictured).
Thank You Bankruptcy Help Desk Attorneys
Thank you to the attorneys that volunteered at the Bankruptcy Help Desk:
Alan Garner (Garner Legal Services)and Glenn Mazer (Mazer Law Firm).

Thank You Homeless Help Desk Attorneys
Thank you to the attorneys that volunteered at the Homeless Help Desk: Alan Garner , Honza Prchal (Heninger), Bob Dow (Maynard), Desharne Carroll (Cabaniss)(pictured), and Patrick Runge (Balch)(pictured). 
Homeless Help Desk
Thank You Domestic Relations Help Desk Attorneys
Thank you to the attorneys that volunteered at the Domestic Relations Help Desk: Rommie Wheeler (pictured), Susan McAlister (pictured), Kendra Johnson , Leon Johnson , April Bauder (Merrell Law Firm), Melinda Guillaume , Yu Huang , Preston Martin (Bressler Firm), Louis Montgomery , and Pamela Weed .
Thank You Civil Help Desk Attorneys
Thank you to the attorneys that volunteered at the Civil Help Desk: Tommy Buck (Maynard), Julie Carter (Bradley) (pictured), Heather Fann (5 Points Law Group), Alan Garner (Alan Garner Legal Services), Loring Jones (Jones & Associates), Glenn Mazer (Mazer Law Firm), Lashanda Willis (Willis Law Office),
LaTonia Williams (5 Points Law Group),
Shannon Dye (Carney Dye), Bridget Harris , Leon Johnson , and Lance Parmer (Cabaniss).
Free CLE for Attorney Volunteers
If you have volunteered with Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham or are scheduled to volunteer, you are eligible to register for a free CLE worth one credit hour on “The Right to Counsel in Civil Cases.” 
The CLE, provided by Legal Services Alabama, is a webinar at 1 p.m. on April 26 th  and is presented by John Pollock, Coordinator for the National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel. This webinar will explain the national status of the civil right to counsel, the specific rights of Alabama citizens, and the particulars of the right to counsel in difficult area, such as civil cases involving incarceration.
To register,  click here  and email us your name and whether you have previously volunteered with us or are scheduled to volunteer.
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