Saturday, January 8, 2022
Reservations Due
Pro-Life Breakfast
Please try to get your Pro-Life Breakfast reservations in this weekend.

The Convention Center will be looking for an attendance estimate first thing this Monday morning. After Monday, only a very limited number of seats and tables will be available.

Erie Bayfront Convention Center
Saturday, January 15, 2022, 9 a.m. (Doors open at 8 a.m.)
$20 teens and adults / $12 children 3-12 / Younger kids free

Reservations are required.

For reservations, call (814) 882-1333 to use your credit or debit card or go online to use the web form. You can also stop at People for Life, 1625 W 26th St., Erie.

We will be open for most of the day tomorrow, Sunday. Call 814-882-1333 if you are thinking about stopping in tomorrow.

There's still time to invite others! Assure them that his event is for everyone.

This is our message to the general public: If you are a pro-life American, this event is for YOU. Even if you are a pro-life foreign national, this event is for you! If you’re open-minded but don’t necessarily wear the “pro-life" label, you’re welcome, too!

Securing legal protection for every human being's life is every human being's responsibility and has to be every human being's concern. That is how we see it, plain and simple.


We are looking forward to our Special Guest Speaker Rachel Bovard, Senior Director of Policy at the Conservative Partnership Institute in Washington, DC.

There will also be an exciting set of speakers with shorter messages and other special participants this year. Please have a look at the recently updated Program Participants page on our website.

For late-breaking news about our 44th Annual Pro-Life Breakfast, you can follow the dedicated Facebook page:
March for Life Bus Trip
We have chartered two 55-seat buses from our friends at Anderson Coach & Travel for our March for Life Bus Trip. This will be the 49th time People for Life has organized a Bus Trip from Erie to the March in Washington, DC.

There are still approximately 30 seats on Bus #2 waiting to be filled. Please pass the word.

We will depart for Washington at 11 p.m., a week from this coming Thursday.

As you might have heard, DC is implementing new COVID restrictions starting just in time for the March for Life, on January 15. However, we think the restrictions will be very manageable with just a little advance planning.

Buses leave Erie at 11 p.m., Thursday, January 20
Buses return approximately 1:30 a.m., January 22
$60 per seat

Call or go online to make reservations using a credit or debit card. There is also time to send a check to People for Life, P.O. Box 1126, Erie, PA 16512. Or deliver your payment directly to People for Life at 1625 W. 26th St., Erie. If the office is closed, there is a mail slot in the door. Please include a name, age, and phone number for each registrant.

Financial sponsorship help is available, thanks to our faithful supporters who have donated money specifically for this purpose. Do not hesitate to inquire, please. We are waiting to hear from you.

For late-breaking news about our March for Life Bus Trip, follow the Facebook page:
People for Life
1625 W 26th St
Erie, Pennsylvania 16508