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Undercover researcher in the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas is back by popular demand tomorrow, Friday May 17th at 2PM in Hendersonville!

Come to hear how he risked his life to gather intelligence on these subversive groups hell bent on destroying our nation.

Chris Gaubatz will also connect the dots between the Left and the Jihadis.
Program starts at 2PM at the City Operations Center,  305 Williams St, Hendersonville, NC 28792 . Tickets $5.00 at the door.
Lawmakers Vote to Effectively Ban Abortion in Alabama

May 15, 2019 was a great day for pro-life! Alabama's anti abortion bill is the most far reaching ban than any of the other bills passed in the country thus far. But, make no mistake, this will bring law suits. Hopefully the Alabama bill will bring this issue to the Supreme Court and challenge Roe v Wade once and for all!

Read here , here , and here .

WLOS Channel 13 News, contacted Jane for an interview with Raphel Pieres regarding the Alabama bill. He asked great questions. WLOS aired the segment at 11PM. The article and video are here .
ATP Attended the ERA Meeting Tuesday, 5/14/19. This is what happened ...
ERA that hurts the unborn and women has reared its ugly head again. Oppose It! Hold your NC Reps Accountable to Stop It!

ERA puts the unborn and women in danger. See 10 Reasons Tp Oppose the ERA.

In spite of all of this, a Republican lawmaker in NC 117 seems to think the ERA is not only a good idea, he is helping the Dimm Wits to promote it in NC!

Send an email to the NCGA House Judiciary Committee Opposing HB271. No hearing on ratification of Equal Rights Amendment.

Send an email to the NCGA Senate Rules and Operations Committee to oppose SB184. No hearing on ratification of Equal Rights Amendment.

The #EqualityAct would create a radical school curriculum centered around sexual identity.

Parents should be responsible for educating their children when it comes to sensitive subjects. #MomsKnowBest

Tomorrow, Friday, the House will vote to radically transform our country and culture. They will vote to redefine civil rights as we know it.

Liberals in Congress want to enshrine into law the belief that gender is defined by one’s “choice” and elevate it to the same protected status as race or ethnicity.

Here’s what this will do to our country:
  • Women will be forced to share their bathrooms and locker rooms with men who identify as women.
  • Women will be pushed out of women’s sports (and college scholarships) by men who identify as women.
  • Elementary schools will teach that gender is fluid explaining that boys can be girls and girls can be boys.
  • Parents could lose custody of their children if they refuse treatment by doctors who want to prescribe their children puberty blockers and hormone therapies.
  • Businesses and religious charities who refuse to comply with this new mandate will be forced to close.

Liberals call their bill the “Equality Act,” but it won’t create equality for women, parents, or people of faith.
Conservatives must stand up against this bill.

Call your congressman today!  Say NO to redefining gender and NO to the so-called “Equality Act.”

Tomorrow is the vote. Now is the time to call.  Click here  to call Congressman Mark Meadows  (along with helpful talking points).

You can find more information about the “Equality Act” (H.R. 5)  here.

Thank you for taking action on this critical issue.

Janae Stracke
Grassroots Director
Heritage Action

Red Flag Laws infringe on Your 2A Rights! Stop DC and NC from enacting!

Anti Gunners Pkay Dirty: HR 1585 Secretly Passes the House. Now on to the Senate.

Buncombe County Execiutive Committee Meeting, Monday May 20th at 6:3p0PM. PLEASE get there and vote to restore the legal Plan of Organization to Buncombe County GOP. 2020 is coming and we can't afford to be without a legitimate GOP organization.

BCGOP Buncombe County Republican Officers Staged a Secret Coup.

They wrested power from the Executive Committee, the Party Chairman and the Parliamentarian, secretly writing a new Plan of Organization voted on April 22nd – only by these officers – and unveiled it for the first time on the BCGOP website the next morning. Details and Action here . And, thanks to all who are making phone calls to get folks to Reynolds FD on May 20th! We're asking you for just one more meeting to hopefully solve this. :)

Upcoming Events

Link to Additional E vents. We have something going on every week in May and June and then some including an NCGOP Chairmanship Candidate Forum on Saturday, June 1st at 6:30PM at Skyland Fire Department. See here and below for details.

. We have many other events coming up in the next two weeks. Hope you can join us then. We will resume May 30th Tea Time at Mills River Restaurant.
WNCTo Have
an NCGOP Candidate Forum!
Since there was no NCGOP Chairmanship Forum scheduled for WNC, Asheville Tea PAC decided to fill the gap.

Seating is limited. Get your free tickets here.

Also posted on Facebook. Please share with GOP friends.

2020 is Coming!

Trump needs to win NC.
In 2018, we lost all of our statewide judicial races, our super majorities in the legislature, and the NC Supreme Court now has a 6-to-1 liberal majority from a conservative one!
The State Republican Party needs to be a functioning, solvent body to turn this around.
That happens with effective leadership. The old guard must go.
Your voice counts. Get the facts.

Stony Rushing NC 9 candidate has a primary tomorrow, May 14th.
Mike Lapaglia, Secretary of State candidate fundraiser Thursday, May 16th
Jake Johnson, NC House 113 candidate fundraiser, June 11th.

Stony Rushing for N9 Congress . Primary is gong on right now. If you're in NC9, you need to support Stony who is the ONLY candidate proven to stand up to the swamp. Watch the most creative ad you will ever see and it says it all about Stony! Want to hear more about this great guy, see here .
Let's get a great constitutional conservative to replace the failed progressive Elaine Marshall. Meet Mike LaPaglia for NC Secretary of State 2020 .

Mike is also having a fundraiser dinner on Thursday, May 16th at the Broadmore Country Club, 101 French Broad Lane, Fletcher, NC 28732.

Keynote Speaker: Kris Kobach, Kansas Sec of State and Vice-Chair of President Trump's Voter Fraud Commission (2017-2018).

Call Bob Penland 828 778 5226 or email: to attend.
Meet the Next NC House 113 Representative, Jake Johnson (R ) - Pro-Life, 2A, Free Market and Local Control of Education. Jake will be with us at Tea Time May 30th at 6PM at Mills River Restaurant.
Come to Jake's Fundraiser at Champion Hills on June 11th. ATPAC has a table See here for details.

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Our 2A Watchdog: Grassroots North Carolina GRNC

The Swamp Report . CA special for you this month

Freedomworks here and here

NumbersUSA (immigration)

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Please get your all of your gun supplies at Fruitful Seasons Pistol Packing in Hendersonville. AR-15 and $100 Gift Certificate tickets there too!

Freedomworks here and here

NumbersUSA (immigration)

On Facebook : In addition to the above ...

Please 'Like' and 'Share' and visit often Conservative Coalition NC and Liberty First , both NC grassroots groups who stand shoulder to shoulder with us to #draintheswamp.

Please get your all of your gun supplies at Fruitful Seasons Pistol Packing in Hendersonville. AR-15 and $100 Gift Certificate tickets there too!

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2020 Is Coming!
$100 Gift Certificate to Fruitful Seasons Pistol Packing gun store. $3.00 ticket . Draw May 12th at the Gun Show.

AR-15 Raffle. Ticket $10.

2020 Trump Keep America Great Hats. $15 & $20

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