How to Pack for Weekend Trips

Hello Friends, 

August is a great time for weekend trips, especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you pop over to the coast for a couple of days or head inland to the Gorge, it seems like there is something for everyone here. 

Weekend packing can be tricky, since the tendency is to take MUCH more than we need. This increases time spent getting ready, as well as unpacking. Plus, it's just plain stressful to deal with too much stuff when you are only away for a couple of days. 

Here are some of our favorite tips for keeping it simple and organized. Of course, everyone has different needs, but having some guidelines will help you choose what to take and what to leave behind. 

Travel Organizers for the Win. These small zippered pouches are great for organizing smaller items inside of a bag, especially if you are just using a duffel or travel bag instead of a suitcase. They are particularly great for things like kid's clothes (everyone gets their own), clothing accessories or electronics chargers. 

Travel Toiletries.  I purchase these from the drugstore and keep the small bottles permanently in my sponge bag, which lives permanently in my travel bag. When they get low, I refill them with the larger bottles from home. You can get all manner of travel toiletries these days - even dry shampoo, which is great for short weekend trips.

Use the 3/9 rule. Bring three tops and three bottoms that all go together. If you mix and match, that gives you nine total outfits. Make sure at least two of those can be dressed up if needed. Choose neutral colors and then add a couple of small, colorful accessories to change things up.

When it comes to shoes, go for comfort. We mean it. Weekend trips are meant to be a fun break, and you want to be comfortable. We recommend 2 pairs max. Envision what you are going to be doing beforehand and think about what you'll wish you brought if you had thought ahead. Your future self will thank you! Purse dust covers are a great way to store shoes on a weekend trip and keep them separate from clothing within your travel bag. 

Keep it Simple. You may have heard of Parkinson's law, which states that work expands to fill the time available for it's completion. The same is true for packing - you will fill whatever size suitcase or bag you have available. For your own sanity, choose a small one. Once it's full, revise and eliminate unnecessary items. You'll be home before you know it, and you should enjoy your weekend without stressing about having too much stuff. 

Happy Organizing!


Quick Organizing Projects When You're 
Stuck Indoors

As most of our followers know, we are located in Portland Oregon. This week, Portland has experienced soaring temperatures above 100 degrees for consecutive days. As a result, many of us are stuck indoors. 

One great activity to do during extreme weather events is to get some organizing done! As pro organizers, we are sort of addicted to organizing throughout the year, but we recognize
that not everyone else drank the Kool-Aid. Regardless of how organized your home currently is, being stuck indoors is a great time to get ahead on those projects. Here are some of our suggestions.

Free Shred Event
August 12, 2017, Portland, OR.

Once again the Beaverton Police Department is sponsoring a Shred Event in Beaverton. This event is FREE and is an excellent opportunity to clean out your closets, desktop and drawers. Get rid of those confidential documents in a safe, secure way. You do not need to remove old staples or paper clips. They will also be collecting canned food, which is a great opportunity to do some organizing in your pantry as well!
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