ProQA v5.1.1.31 Now Available!
We're pleased to announce ProQA ®   Maintenance Release v5.1.1.31 with changes and updates that you've requested.

We've highlighted just a few of the many updates and changes below:
MPDS ® v13.2 
  • When the Obviously NOT BREATHING & Unconscious Fast Track is used, the patient’s age will be passed on to responders. 

  • Stroke Diagnostic Tool: A new field, "Caller/Patient refuses to complete request," can be selected if appropriate.

FPDS ® v7.0
  • Due to increased critical gas leaks reported by the National Transportation Safety Board, a critical EFD prompt and a protocol 60 rule have been added, reminding that all gas leaks must be reported to the local gas company.

PPDS ® v6.1
  • Protocol 128: Supplemental: Telecommunicator can now add general case information with a supporting pop-up box as well as information about found evidence and missing, stolen, or additional damaged items.

  • DESCRIPTION ESSENTIALS: The consolidation of vehicle and person descriptor headers can be enabled to reduce multiple lines of data in CAD and the mobile units of responders.  

You can request ProQA and the release notes on the Priority Dispatch ® Software Download site. If your agency already requested the Software Download site link on or after July 1st, you don't need to request access again.

Thanks for being a valued Priority Dispatch customer and partnering with us to continually improve emergency dispatch around the globe.

For questions and assistance, please contact Software Support: or 866-777-3911.
Cary Breeze
Manager, Client Support Services
Toll-free (U.S. & International): 866-777-3911