January, 2024


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ProSoft Profile - Ginger Timmerman

Celebrating a Milestone: 25 Years of Dedication and Excellence!

As we turn the page on another year, it brings us immense pleasure to pause and recognize Ginger Timmerman, who has been an unwavering pillar of ProSoft for the past 25 years. This milestone not only speaks volumes about her commitment, but also mirrors the spirit, and enthusiasm she brings to the office every day.

Ginger’s passion in life is service, which shows in both her professional endeavors as well as her personal life. Whether it’s her customers, family, friends, or her deepest love, her two grandkids, her life has been dedicated to meeting the needs of others.

Through the ebbs and flows of the business landscape, Ginger’s dedication has been a beacon of inspiration. Her journey is not just about time served; it's about the countless lives touched, the legacy she’s created, and the enduring impact felt across our organization and AEC community.

To our esteemed colleague, mentor, and most of all, friend - as

we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to you. Your unwavering commitment, exemplary leadership, and profound

contributions have shaped ProSoft to what it is today and set the course for

the ProSoft of tomorrow.

Here's to 25 years of milestones, memories, and moments that

matter! We look forward to celebrating many more years of shared success,

growth, and achievements.

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TECH TIPS all things tech

Autodesk Infrastructure Product Roadmap

Ever wonder what's going on behind the scenes for the latest builds of Civil 3D, InfraWorks, and more?

Checkout the latest roadmap where you can get an insight into what's next, what's in progress and what updated items have been recently released.

Multiple Autodesk Updates

What is Autodesk Access?

Autodesk Access simplifies the update experience. Quickly and easily install updates for your desktop products from the app.


New features will be added over time to make installing and updating your products faster, easier, and more reliable.

Now Available: 2024.1 Updates for Civil 3D, InfraWorks, and ReCap Pro

Updates include more flexibility for subassembly deployments, better data exchange between BIM and GIS, expanded capabilities for corridor transitions, intelligent extraction and ground feature classification for scan-to-design workflows, and better integration of parametric modeling with documentation.

Virtual Surveyor Update

Improved Terrain Creator Workflow

With the newest Terrain Creator desktop app you will:

  • Experience a more streamlined workflow
  • Have the possibility to add drone photos through a .csv list.
  • Get additional vertical reference systems


Improvements in the Virtual Surveyor desktop app are:

  • A new Elevation Lens to highlight maximum excavation depths
  • Flip edges in TINs to improve the appearance of contour lines
  • Additional keyboard shortcuts

HODGE-PODGE the best of the rest



The monthly AUGIWORLD magazine from AUGI offers tips & tricks, tutorials, and other technical information via a collection of feature articles and columns.

In the latest issue, AUGI dives deep into "INDUSTRY TRENDS" in many different software options including AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Revit and much more!

ProSoft's Shawn Herring goes deep into some of the latest industry trends in the civil infrastructure space!

Want to author an article?

Email Shawn @ sherring@prosoftnet.com

AUGIWORLD January 2024 Issue Released! 


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WORD OF MOUTH prosoft testimonials

ProSoft has always been innovative in producing ways to better support our customers within the AEC Industry. Now, with the strategic partnership between ProSoft and BIMTM, we have bolstered our BIM services to provide a better overall solution to Autodesk customers. With the expertise of BIMTM and the lengthy history of ProSoft within the AEC industry, the combination of our experts can now fill any gaps in your training, implementation, supplemental design/drafting, BIM solutions, IT services and so much more! 


-Shawn Herring

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