Probate Explained

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The death of a loved one can be devastating to surviving family members. While grieving, the last thing the family needs to worry about is validating a will, getting a personal representative (or executor) appointed, securing real estate and property, obtaining appraisals, dealing with creditors and payment of debts, paying estate taxes, and distributing property. Probate, also called “estate administration,” is the process by which a deceased person’s will and property are handled in court. A probate case may be required even if the deceased person died without a will, or “intestate.” There are formal probate proceedings that are decided by a judge and informal probate proceedings that are handled by a probate registrar. An attorney can help you determine what type of probate proceeding is required in your case.

Probate procedure and the legal terminology in the Colorado Probate Code can be confusing for a non-attorney. At The Cohen Law Firm, P.C., our Boulder, Colorado probate attorneys have compassion for families and kind understanding of their grief. Our attorneys have over twenty-five years of experience in dealing with the courts and in helping families navigate probate. We can guide you smoothly through the process.

If you have concerns about the probate process and wish to avoid it, our attorneys can assist you with that, as well. Our experienced estate planning attorneys can provide you with strategies to avoid probate, such as retitling assets or establishing a trust to hold assets. Call today for a free initial telephone evaluation of your probate case, or to set up an estate planning consultation.



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