The Key Listing Ad Words That Attract Buyers

Depending on where consumers live, “cozy fireplace,” “pool,” or “brick home” may catch buyers' eyes.

Point2 Homes, an online real estate marketplace, analyzed more than 1.2 million listings in July 2019 to see the most common words that agents used when describing the homes they’re selling.

4 Common Down Payment Myths, Debunked
Being able to make a down payment is one of the keys to becoming a homeowner. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions out there that keep a lot of would-be buyers from realizing that they are capable of making a purchase. With that in mind, keep reading to learn what’s true and what’s a fallacy.

Probate Proceedings and How It Affects Title

Probate can become a complicated process, real estate professionals should be aware of how probate can affect title rights in order to minimize closing delays.

Downsizers Reveal Their Biggest Regrets

Thinking of downsizing? You might want to think twice before you actually do.

Homeowners who opt to downsize into a smaller place say that saving money was their chief motivator, along with having to manage less space after the children have moved out. But some home buyers could have downsizing regret as they transition into a smaller home.
Real Estate Tip of the Day .......
Selling your home because you have outgrown it?

Do not let your perspective Buyers know this. This may give the Buyer the perception that your home is too small.

  • Be sure to pack away items that are not necessary.
  • Clean out closets, cupboards, cabinets and garage.
  • Pack away kid's extra toys, family memorabilia such as photographs and paintings.
  • Wipe down and clear kitchen counters of unnecessary gadgets and appliances.
  • Give your home a minimalist look.