How processed sugar can damage our gut, our health and our planet

Excess intake of refined processed sugar is becoming one of the most harmful habits in our society, damaging both the ecosystem in our bodies as well the ecosystem in our World.

Our insatiable demand for sugar increases every year, requiring a massive global industrial effort from farming, production and distribution. The sugar industry is responsible for widespread deforestation, water shortage, soil erosion, CO2 emission, and global warning which will ultimately kill our planet ...more.

In our guts, it promotes the growth of pro-inflammatory bacteria which increases the risks of premature aging, high cholesterol, cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes, which will ultimately prematurely kill us.

This article explains:

  • Why regular intake of processed sugar is harmful,
  • The mechanism of how sugar contributes to poor gut health
  • The evidence for its contribution to envirnomental damage
  • Tips to reduce sugar intake for us and our kids
  • Lifestyle tips to mitigate the impact of sugar