Monthly Newsletter | January 2021
Your #HealthyMinds Update
Making it through 2020 has been a true accomplishment for many families, and the new year brings an opportunity to set goals, rethink routines and traditions, and create new memories together. Still, just as we’ve turned a huge corner into 2021, we’ve been reminded of the many challenges we face.

In the spirit of National Mentoring Month, set aside time to talk with the young people in your life about how they're feeling. Whether you're a parent, relative, teacher, or coach, encourage them to set goals for the new year, and check in with them along their journey to reaching them.
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Support Kids and Teens Following the Riot In Our Capitol
How can you emotionally support a child or teen in your life, following the riot in our nation's Capitol? Read our blog for 7 tips to help kids process and understand.
Media Literacy and Mental Health
Are you worried about the mental health impact of digital media on your kids, including how they process what they see in the news? Tune in to our podcast with special guest Dr. Michael Robb of Common Sense Media for more on how to help kids understand the media they use and make healthier choices.
The Child Psychiatrist Is In Your Living Room
Many kids are receiving mental health care through virtual visits during COVID-19. Read our blog for more about the unique benefits of telepsychiatry and teletherapy, and the importance of preserving access for families beyond the pandemic.
News + Events

Remote learning has been challenging for kids and teens during this pandemic. Read more for insights from Dr. Khadijah Booth Watkins and others on the silver linings of online learning, and how to help kids maintain their emotional well-being.
How to Design Your Holiday Reboot (The New York Times)

This holiday season may have been different for many families, but we can learn lessons from how we adjusted, as we start a new year. Read more for insights from Dr. Gene Beresin to help you and your family create new traditions and memories together in everyday life.
Monthly Mindfulness:
from Verywell Family

Practicing mindfulness can help kids build resilience during stressful times. Read more for specific mindfulness activities to try with the young people in your life.
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