Last weekend and Denver Colorado. Presented and worked on several attendee's  breathing in our booth at the incredible
Seeking Health Conference Dr. Ben Lynch is amazing. The 250+ attendees included leading edge MDs, 4 year college NDs, Chiropractors, Nurses, Acupuncturists, Clinical Nutritionists and other health professionals.
The future of health medicine.





Optimal Breathing  Work integrates ancient teachings with modern   science and technology and is compatible with all forms of healing and religious or spiritual expression. 

Reliable, Affordable Breathing,
Energy & Personal Empowerment.
Properly developed natural breathing and accurately practiced breathing patterns can guide the Autonomic Nervous System to maintain levels of function that we, barring accidents or long term poor nutrition, should never need doctors or hospitals. Energy often follows thought but as Yogi Amrit Desai reminds us,  "Thought can follow energy." 
We most often think and act better when we feel better.

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September Oct 26, 2015

10:00-6:00 PM EST

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My secret for winning a BRONZE MEDAL in the SENIOR GAMES.

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Colds and flu NO MORE

The next OB school session


What a leading Edge Physician says about Optimal Breathing

The Optimal Power Nap

Breath is life. Variety is mandatory
to developing one's breathing. 
Study breathing, for life 

I just watched  the introductory video and quite insightful information. Explicit and enough. I can tell The Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit is robust and a one-stop shop for breathing needs."  Patrick O.



The tools and action steps to make informed decisions
ALL-IN-ONE huge money saving package RESULTS

Why the Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit's WHOLE 9 YARDS approach? 
To do just one or two techniques or exercises will help some now and if continued over time will reach a cross over point where they become limiting and even harmful.

Procrastination.  Everyone procrastinates about some things, and most of us have areas in our lives where we don't procrastinate at all. But for millions of us, procrastination is a serious obstacle more about

Heart Troubles and Anxiety.I am writing to request your kind assistance relating to a problem with my health which is  caused by anxiety (as surgeons Have told me). The problem is that I have difficulty in  breathing. Whenever ..more about

Attitude, Change and Personal Power  "The biggest battle you and I will ever fight is the one in our mind. Our mindsets determine our future". Pastor Kirk Bowman.
Attitude is vastly important and changing your breathing...more about 

Baby Belly Breathing. Thousands of "experts" espouse the "famous" belly breath. Helpful for some, misleading for most, confusing for many. more about 

Breathing Differences.
Breathing, Breathing Work, Breathwork, Breathing Exercises.
What’s the difference? more about


Shortened stride; Shoulders rounded downward; Sigh or yawn often; singing poorly; Sleep problems; a history of abuse or trauma; hold your breath a lot. more about

How to quickly and naturally control blood sugar 

Oxygen-transporting stem cell enhancing booster food

My favorite sea level and altitude oxygen-transporting LIVE green liquid stem cell enhancing booster food. Mention Michael White of when you order over the phone and receive a 20% discount

Too much oxygen? "Intermittent exposure to higher oxygen with many hours of "normoxic" breathing between the higher exposures has not resulted in pulmonary oxygen toxicity. Many have reported improved function with intermittent oxygen especially when done with exercise. So, as with any food, or supplementation, oxygen needs to be taken carefully, in moderation and with consideration of all the variables affecting your personal health."  Dr. Danielle Rose, MD, NMD, SEP


Using the Optimal Breathing Self Mastery Kit

Performance results 

Private in-person and Skype session results

What Optimal Breathing School students are saying. 

Physical Therapist: 
"There is a problem I see in 95% of my patients (in Austin Texas) these days and it has only become clearer to me in the last few years.  I believe it has been there all along but I did not recognize it.  Whether working out in the gym, walking or playing a sport, picking up the groceries or the little kid
it is present.  ...The problem is this: .. more about 

A grandparent looks into her breathing, her children's breathing and their children's breathing and comes to some startling conclusions that will change their lives.

Coffee is the drug of choice for 90% of Americans. I drink coffee and my vision pixelates. How does it affect the body? more about  To safely replace the energy from caffeine click on the pictures below.

New Info on E3live. Leading Edge Super Blood Oxygenator  3-5 times more potent than live wheat grass without the risk of hyper sensitivity.  more about
The E3live complete suite of over 50 world  class fully guaranteed products.
Call in your order 888.233.1441 PST, use my coupon MWS-20  and receive a 20% discount.



  Oxygen Enhanced Exercise (O2E2®) Oxygen Bars, Oxygen Therapy, Exercise With Oxygen Training aka EWOT?
Our Wellness model version is called
O2E2®  or Oxygen=Enhanced Exercise.
Using one of our Home Oxygen Bars. Industry standard equipment used for life sustaining only we use it for life enhancement and wellness. They produce 450% more oxygen than in the air. We have measured blood oxygen increasing several percentage points using our O2E2
®  StarWars R2D2® robot sized units.  

"Now I generally prescribe nasal oxygen to be administered with a mask or a canula in doses similar to those given to the law professor - (3LPM)" Majid, Ali, MD  Oxygen and Aging 



Your bowels and your breathing? Pot gut anyone? Your bowels get over-loaded and throw off material that clog and irritate the lungs, nose, mouth, throat and sinuses.
They also apply pressure upward inhibiting a deepest easiest breathing. View a picture of what kind of surprise could REALLY be causing a pot belly.">WHAT TO DO?  

Oxygen Oxygen shortage in the human body has been linked to every major illness category including heart conditions, cancer,
digestion and elimination problems, respiratory disease, inflamed, swollen and aching joints, sinus problems, yeast infections and even sexual dysfunction.  more about


Digestion and breathing? If your foods are not completely digested, everything you do to try to establish or maintain optimal health will be less effective or completely ineffective. Undigested food uses up oxygen and deposits toxins in critical areas of the body such as joints, arteries and the brain.  more about   

Weight loss

Starve and drown a cold with copious liquids, enemas or cathartics, no grains or red meats and 15,000 units of vitamin C divided equally daily in 8 glasses of fresh squeezed grapefruit or orange juice. Add Oregacillin for flu, coughing and chest inflammation and oxycleanse to flush out the colon with bacteria killing internal cleansing. 
For cold season protection avoid grains, sugar and chocolate and mucous causing foods such as red meat and pasteurized or even raw milk; make almond milk instead and take the C, Oregacilin and oxycleanse daily  learn more

How to quickly and naturally control blood sugar 


What to do if you have a heart attack while you are alone?
This could save your life!
Let's say it's 6:15 p.m. you're driving home alone.. Suddenly you start experiencing severe pain in your chest that starts to radiate
out into your arm and up into your jaw.
Without help, the person whose heart is beating improperly and who begins to feel faint, has only about 10 seconds left before
losing consciousness. However, these victims can help
themselves by coughing repeatedly and very vigorously....... Learn more

Depressed breathing = Depression "Depression" is not a diagnosis!   It is a description of a symptom cluster having dozens if not hundreds of complexly interactive proximal and distal etiological factors  ranging from learn more

Misdiagnosis of Breathing Difficulty. No wonder, as there was no alternative treatment sources included.

Medications That may directly or indirectly Cause Breathing Difficulties or Hinder Proper Oxygen Utilization


300+ articles related to breathing

Respiratory Psychophysiology
Joseph Campbell uncovered consistent personality archetypes that due to chakra insights, imply generic ways of breathing.  ...
Dr. Erik Peper of San Francisco State College has discovered that the most effective way for people to learn to breathe better
is through modeling of the action by a skilled therapist or coach. But there are cultural and functional biases in the way we
use the breathing.
more about

Many do not think they hold their breath but on closer observation discover that, they do. They block their breath in certain situations but are unaware that they are doing that.  Attempts at effortful deep concentration or focus can cause it; uncertainty about a course of action often equals hesitancy in action and breathing; when attempting a new task one may breath-hold until they have enough time to master it with ease. The mastery may never occur nor the ease of breathing.  Many simple day to day actions... more about
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Our World Class Sleep Program. in person, skyped or self help.
1. Insomnia elimination   2. Snoring elimination   3. Stop waking up not breathing  4. Stop waking up tired  5. Eliminate
he need for a CPAP or Bipap  6. Stop needing naps   7. Normalize blood pressure    8. Stabilize blood sugar   9. Restore positive mood  
10. Increase productivity  11. Utilize natural sleep aids 12. Yawning reduced or eliminated  more about

Chest pains?
Relieving chest pains can often be rather simple. First make sure they are not an imminent heart issue, then develop your breathing.  Even if they ARE a heart issue it is a great idea to learn how to breath deeper, easier and more in balance and take in more oxygen so the the heart can work easier and more efficiently and
the breathing can help balance the nervous system.
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Numerous measurements have shown that the low pO2art resulting from stressful events of following degeneration of the l
ung heart system (LHS) in old age can be re-elevated up to high values.  Manfred von Ardenne - Stress 1981 Vol 2 Autumn.  
Breathing Development Program   

Anxiety and breathing
Anxiety is a common problem that can effect people of all ages. Symptoms of anxiety can be acute, as in panic attacks, or chronic,
with a milder and more generalized feeling of nervousness. When anxiety has taken control of our lives every system in our body
is distorted and in the process of being damaged. We are no longer acting in our own best interest. What do we do?  

YAWNS AND SIGHS A LOT? I did this for 30 years. Then I discovered what was causing it and it got handled.   

Flu Virus Destroyed in 20 Minutes? Bronchitis symptoms handled?

CHEST PAINS, shortness of breath, high blood pressure
I have tried emailing this testimonial sometime in May but somehow it never got through. Since then my daughters have
been urging me to send in my testimonial because of how much your breathing exercises have helped me "cure" my chest
pains, shortness of breath and lower my blood pressure. So I am sending it in now hoping this does get through to you. Continued   

Depression and breathing.  
Emotional states can be altered by changing the breathing patterns.  Unless they are
caused by prescription drugs, lifting depressions happens best with breathing and attitude. Any negative emotion you can
breathe through will eventually lose its grip on you. If you are feeling low, take a long walk, hold your head above the horizon
and deep breathe using the Squeeze and Breathe as you count your blessings.  If it seems to stay then get our
Basic program AND Better Breathing Exercise #2. You should, barring UDB, feel better almost instantly.
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Anger, Stress, Breathing and the Heart. Two studies build on earlier evidence that anger and stress produce physiological
events that greatly increase the risk of heart disease and heart attack. more about   

Adrenal exhaustion, anxiety and breathing  A must read.  

People with panic disorder have nearly double the risk for coronary heart disease, and those also diagnosed with
are at almost three times the risk, according to new research. more about

Dear Mike: Breathing has allowed me after 12 years of chronic awful pain to face the other levels.  I don't believe I could
have done that without your guidance and knowledge.  Usually the lock-up after any type of activity would make me fear
more movement.  I hope you know how grateful I am. Lynne G. 

Dear Mike:
I received your package this past week and I started with "Begin Here", and have worked my way through all
the material at least once. I am learning the DVD 176, and have only tried the straw, squeeze and breathe, and belly/chest
breathing before going to sleep. I need some help with the strapping, and I will continue to practice from the DVD. I just
wanted to share with you some big changes in the week I have started with your program. My heart no longer pounds when
at rest. I stopped using Ativ.... to sleep, I no longer feel helpless and full of anxiety because I just squeeze and breathe
and I am okay again. My cloudiness/brain fog has lifted, and I know many other good things will follow. Gratefully, Sandi S

Superman Syndrome and breathing. For how many tens to hundreds of millions of men, women and children does
Superman and other "super heroes" role model dysfunctional breathing?
more about
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Some of our Favorite Holistic Health Web Sites/Newsletters. These are leading edge incredible people.
The National Health Reporter at Bruce West, DC  Majid Ali, MD  Dr. Norm Shealy
Dr. James Biddle - FutureDocTV  Joseph Mercola, DO
Health Ranger - Natural News  Mike Adams
American Board of Preventive Medicine  Dennis Lewis
Visions of Joy - Natural Vision training expert and Optimal Breathing Development student of Mike White

Introducing Len Saputo, MD  Optimal Breathing School Faculty Member 
Read a free chapter in his book. A Return to Healing: Radical Health Care Reform and the Future of Medicine

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