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June 5, 2017 --  Procrastination an art form?
            "Procrastination a decision"
There are some members of family businesses who have raised the decision of procrastination to an art form. Procrastination is a decision to put off, delay or just refuse to do something. It is a conscious decision. Some people are really good at it!
            "An art form?"
We have seen procrastination raised to an art form where every decision one individual makes is to NOT do something. They say things like; "We don't need to do that, we have been successful without it" - or - "We have plenty of time for succession planning, there is no hurry" - or - "I will let the next generation have more authority when the time is right"- or - "I will take care of "it" next week" . Procrastination delays action to some unspecific time in the future, or maybe never!
  "What is the cause of procrastination?
The Merriam-Webster dictionary states procrastination is "What you do when you don't want to do it because you are lazy." Yes, sometimes that is true for families in business but more often procrastination sets in because of fear. Fear of that making a wrong decision which may cause a change reaction and a downward spiral. Fear of failure. So the next time you ask the family for a decision and someone wants to put it off, ask them what is it about your proposal that is causing them fear. Entrepreneurs take risks, calculated risks. Entrepreneurs who become proficient at procrastination, don't and failure sets in. 
Kwaiserism "Procrastination results in nothing"