Newsletter............................................. February 2024

Open Office Hours

Do you have questions about travel, p-cards, invoices, bids, purchase orders, requisitions, or contracts?

Accounts Payable and Procurement Services have teamed up to offer open office hours for employees who have questions. This is an informal setting where you get to determine the topics we discuss.

You can register for these online sessions through K@te. Just search for Procurement and AP Office Hours.

Upcoming Office Hours

February 2........2:00 pm

February 12......11:00 am

February 27......2:00 pm

March 25..........11:00 am

April 9...............2:00 pm

April 26.............11:00 am

**all sessions are in Eastern time

Requesting a Bid

Do you need to write a bid but don't know where to begin? All you need to do is fill out the appropriate questionnaire (RFQ, RFP, RFQ-S) and submit it with a requisition and we handle the rest. Our forms page has questionnaires you can download.


New Staff Spotlight

Tonya Sartin, IT Strategic Sourcing Manager

After graduating from UT Knoxville, I began my career in Elementary Education. With the increasing importance of technology in education, I took the opportunity to pivot my career towards technology. I spent several years working in Maryville City Schools as a computer technician and have worked the past 2.5 years for the UT System Administration.

I enjoy spending time with my husband, Blake and our three children, Henley, Lander, and Paisley. I am passionate about music and love attending live shows! I also have an interest in architecture and real estate.

My favorite thing about working for UT System Administration has been building relationships with others across the state. I am thrilled to join the Procurement Services team (January 2024) and look forward to using my education and experience in my new role!

Andrew Remke, Strategic Sourcing Manager

I graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2019 and moved to Nashville to begin my supply chain career. I worked in inventory management, purchasing, and vendor management for four and a half years before beginning my position with UT this January.


UT has had a major positive impact on several generations of my family which is why I am very excited to be back.


I enjoy golfing, going to UT sporting events, and hanging out with my friends, fiancé, Olivia, and Brittany Spaniel, Millie.

Q: Can I sign a contract?

A: If you are asking this question, the answer is most likely "no." Contracts can only be signed by someone with signature authority and that authority is limited to a small number of people across the University. Follow this link to view the signature authority list.

Signature Authority

**When in doubt, don't sign anything!

For more information on contracts, please check out Fiscal Policy 0420:

Contracts Policy

Contracts Q&A

Q: Why can't I amend an amendment?

A: An amendment doesn't replace the original contract; it only changes part of the original. Even if a contract is amended several times, the purpose of each amendment is to modify the terms of the original. Therefore, we can only make changes to the original contract.

Q: Why does the University need to revise the terms and conditions of a contract?

A: The University is a state agency and as such, state laws limit the University's ability to agree to various clauses that often appear in contracts.

Q: Do these types of documents really need to be entered into the contract system?

  • The contract is zero dollar/no cost
  • The contract is receivable
  • The contract is payable but the amount is less than $10,000
  • The title of the document is not "contract" but rather agreement, MOU, MOA, NDA, etc.

A: All of the above are considered contracts and need to be entered into the contract management system.

Karen's Corner: A Closer Look at UT Supplier Diversity

by Karen Binkley, Small Business Liaison

Last month, I shared a tool to help you find UT Market Place products that are provided by companies that are small, minority-owned, and woman-owned. The tool also helps you locate green products in the Market Place. If you have not explored the tool, I encourage you to do so by clicking the link in the left panel of the Market Place catalog page or by visiting,

TIP: Click the "Instructions" links in the Market Place table

to open one-page illustrated instructions!

February Supplier Diversity Challenge - Market Place Challenge

As you make routine purchases this month, use the Market Place tool to explore diversity-supplied or green products. If you make a purchase, click the "I DID IT" button below to tell us about it! Next month, we'll share the results.

I DID IT!  I met the February challenge!

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