Fall 2023
The Procurement Optimization Program is a groundbreaking transformation initiative that launched this fall—in partnership with the university community—to revolutionize the way U-M buys goods and services. The four components of the program include:
  • Expense Management—Implement Chrome River—a new expense management system—to provide better service and enhanced capabilities (replacing Concur)
  • Procurement—Implement U-M’s new—and higher—bid threshold limit and enhance/relaunch Jaggaer eProcurement system
  • Travel—Enhance travel program offerings to increase adoption and save U-M money
  • Reorganization—Realign our teams to excel in transactional areas, strategic sourcing, and category management to improve service to the U-M community

Visit the recently launched Procurement Optimization webpage to learn more and stay up-to-date on the latest program announcements.
PCard/Travel Card tips & reminders
Did you know? PCard and Travel Card renewals

PCard and Travel Card renewals are sent by JP Morgan the month prior to your card's expiration date, generally around the 6th.
For example, if your card expires in January 2024, your replacement card will be mailed on December 6, 2023. Cards can take 7-10 business days to arrive once mailed. 

If you have not received your new card by the end of the month prior to expiration, contact the Card Team by filling out the Submit a Card Question form, and the team can assist with getting another card mailed out. Your current card will be good until the last day of its expiration month. 

Please be aware that cards are sent to the address listed as the cardholder billing address, which could be either your business or home address. JP Morgan’s system is not tied to U-M’s HR system or MCommunity, so if your business or home address has changed, notify the Card Team by filling out the Request a Change to My Card form.
Update to the Request a Change to My Card form

All PCards have a single transaction limit of $5,000, meaning that transactions $5,000 and over will be declined. If PCard holders need to make a one-time purchase over this limit, they can now use the Request a Change to My Card form to request the limit be lifted on their card. The limit can be lifted for three business days in order to complete the transaction.

The updated form will ask if you are trying to make a purchase over $5,000. If you do not need the limit lifted, you can skip this section. If you are trying to make a purchase over $5,000, check the “Yes” box. Once you click “Yes,” a message will appear for you to attach your invoice and/or contract signed by Procurement Services at the bottom of the form. 

You will also be asked if you have checked to see if the purchase can be made through a university-wide contract or M-Marketsite, as those options may be the preferred buying methods. If you have not, please do so before requesting your single transaction limit to be lifted. If you have checked, and university-wide contracts and M-Marketsite are not an option, click the “Yes” box. The question below will appear:

What is the reason this item needs to be purchased on a PCard?
  • No university-wide contract and was not on M-Marketsite
  • Found item cheaper elsewhere
  • Need item sooner than supplier can get it to me
  • Other - Please add comment below

The last question for this section requires a start date. Please let us know what date you will need us to lift the single transaction limit so you may make your purchase. Please be aware you will need to make the purchase within three business days. If you miss your purchasing window, the $5,000 single transaction limit will automatically be restored on your PCard, and you will need to submit another request to lift the single transaction limit.
Buyer's corner
The following suppliers have received new or renewed University-Wide Agreements to serve the U-M community.
Madison Electric location change
Madison Electric Company will no longer operate out of the University of Michigan location at 1201 Kipke Dr. beginning on January 2, 2024. All orders will be filled at its Ann Arbor location at 4649 Runway Blvd. (near State St. and Ellsworth Rd).
DYK? Regalia policy reminder
The purchase and/or professional cleaning of commencement regalia are considered personal expenses, unless the items are owned and retained by the university. This includes caps, gowns, honor cords, stoles, tassels, hats, sashes, etc. If the department chooses to purchase these items for employees to keep, the items are considered a gift and must follow the guidelines in SPG 501.12 (Awards, Gifts and Prizes). Rented attire is an allowable business expense as is professional cleaning of rented attire.
Coming soon - this winter!
Projects currently underway that Procurement Services will be sharing updates on in the coming months.
  • Procurement Optimization Program
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