Procurement and Payment for COVID-19 Testing
As a result of the Commissioner of Health's Executive Directive mandating COVID-19 testing for all long term care residents and staff, many of you have had questions regarding WHERE this testing can take place and HOW it will be billed and paid. Following, we provide information which we hope can answer some of these questions.

Procurement of supplies and services for testing

Since early in this pandemic, HCANJ has provided you with a testing solution. MDL , a laboratory and diagnostic service, located near our offices in Hamilton, that has been continually available to meet the testing needs of long term care centers. Additionally, our long-time Associate Member and friends at Aculabs have met many of our members' testing needs. Contact information for additional vendor resources provided by AHCA can be found here . The State of New Jersey COVID-19 website has provided this link for information regarding testing sites.

Executive Directive No. 20-012 provides a standing order allowing individuals to undergo testing for SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, without a prescription ( link here ).

Payment for resident testing:

  • Resident testing for Medicare A patients is paid by providers under consolidated billing.
  • Testing for dual-eligibles in custodial (non-skilled) stays is be covered under Medicare Part B.
  • Medicaid will pay for testing of non-dual eligible residents under either fee for service or managed care.
  • Additionally, Governor Murphy announced acts to increase insurance coverage to cover this expanded testing access. You can find detailed information about this HERE.

Payment for staff testing:

We know this is a tough question to answer. Testing for staff may be reimbursable to providers under existing or future federal or state COVID-19 relief programs. Testing of staff may also be covered under staff personal health insurance coverage. In addition to testing at your facility, other testing facilities may offer no-cost or low-cost testing. Other possible resources for staff testing include “drive-through” testing sites, or FQHCs through the HRSA COVID-19 testing program that may be in your area.

Please note that using “outside resources” for testing could pose difficulties related to result reporting and timing of result reporting. If you use an alternative or off-site testing facility, you must be certain to acquire the test results in order to be compliant with the directive.

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