August 2014 - Issue 38
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There is so much to think about when considering the effective management of a production line in today's "get more for less" food, beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care marketplaces.  Production Managers are looking for something to make their lives and the system, easier - looking for an extra dimension in their ability to monitor the product inspection process - looking for a better way to manage the resulting data needed to ensure due diligence is maintained - looking for something that has not been available to the world of integrated Product Inspection.  Until now!

A New Dimension for Product Inspection Management


To understand what is important to production professionals, METTLER TOLEDO analyzed the very latest production lines, the product inspection assets and routines, the impact of increasing productivity, the challenges and the demands for product safety alongside brand, reputation and consumer protection.  This analysis gave them four clear cornerstones to build ProdX on - Productivity, Product Quality, Security and Clarity.


Enhanced Productivity

  • ProdX centralizes product inspection device integration & enables monitoring from multiple locations in real time.
  • Online visualization of the complete production line and its health status means interventions are planned rather than reactive, keeping productivity at maximum for longer.
  • The user-interface features colour-coded machine icons that provide "at-a-glance" status of device health & effectiveness.
  • With fewer people to run more devices and production lines, less time is spent on individual devices, ProdX helps to deliver the uptime needed to meet demanding production schedules with quick product changeovers to increase production & improve OEE results.

Superior Product Quality

  • The Product Quality dimension also consolidates online accept/reject traceability and transparency of information through standardized reporting including the ability to filter data for fast, complete and consistent results across all sites, areas, product lines and devices.
  • The ProdX dashboard provides critical early warning of key Product Quality indicators such as non-conforming raw materials from suppliers or upstream processes, fillers and process tolerance, worn or broken processing equipment and machinery maintenance requests.

World Class Security

  • ProdX is a centralized product management platform where process parameters are consistently and accurately deployed across all devices, product lines and locations.
  • Changes to product set-ups can be securely implemented simultaneously on multiple Product Inspection devices with less reliance on line operators for data entry and product set-up maintenance.

Total Process Clarity

  • Every piece of data, reporting and critical performance measurement is designed to be as transparent as possible to meet customer and industry requirements.
  • Standardized reports meet the specification for due diligence, at a process, device, product, alarm or operator level.

ProdX inspects your dashboard, guaranteeing that your checkweighers, metal detectors and x-ray devices work properly and longer every day.  Online monitoring of checkweighers from METTLER TOLEDO Hi-Speed and metal detector and x-ray inspection systems from METTLER TOLEDO Safeline turns your product inspection equipment into a networked monitoring system, increasing production transparency and maximizing device uptime.


Click here to download the ProdX - Product Inspection Data Management Software brochure.

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