October 2019  

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RigMaster® offers back-of-hand impact protection and features ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 Cut Level A2 protection. The gloves are $10.95 per pair and are available in three styles: 3800, 3802 and 3806. For more information, visit www.banom.com.

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Board of Certified Safety Professionals

BCSP provides accredited safety certifications – including CSP, SMS, ASP, OHST, CHST, STS, STSC and CIT – that lead to promising careers in the safety, health and environmental industry. CSP certification has been recognized as the "gold standard" for 50 years.

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Did you know that commercial sites require head protection? Bullard's HMXi Respirator System, with its hard shell headtop, offers all-in-one maximum head, face and respiratory protection. HMXi provides workers with an enlarged viewing area for optimal vision, and its airflow is designed to rush over and around the top of the head, delivering maximum cooling to workers. Visit Bullard to learn more.

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Columbia Southern University

Earn your safety degree online. Columbia Southern University's online bachelor's and master's in occupational safety and health are touted by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals as Graduate Safety Practitioner® Qualified Academic Programs. CSU's online degree programs in OSH are taught by safety experts involved in advancing the industry on a national scale.

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Gas Clip Technologies

Multi Gas Clip Simple Plus Multi Gas Detector operates for three years continuously with no charging or calibration necessary, making gas detection simpler and safer than ever. Reliably test for H2S, CO, O2 and LEL combustible gases 24/7, even in oxygen-deficient environments. Three-year warranty. Sold through distributors worldwide.

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Gateway Safety

PeakFit® is a NIOSH-certified N95 Disposable Particulate Respirator specially designed for user comfort and safety. PeakFit is designed without a metal nose-pinch or hard metal staples, which often cause scratching and discomfort. It also features a cloth head strap for improved comfort and better fit. PeakFit is available in both vented and unvented options.

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Glove Guard LP

The BottleChock® Restraint tethers cylinders to fixed positions to mitigate accidents in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and on transport vehicles. Available in multiple sizes to suit a diverse array of cylinder sizes, the BottleChock® Restraint has a product option that is sure to mount your cylinders to a secure position.

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Add visual impact to your safety communication with workplace digital signage from Marlin. Engage, inform and inspire hard-to-reach workers with dynamic visual messages. Marlin's easy-to-use software makes posting in-house content simple, and our industry-specific safety content will help you create a culture of safety awareness.

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RPB Safety

With the RPB® Z4®, comfort and productivity don't come at the cost of protection. The Z4's flip-up welding visor enables a quick and easy transition between welding and grinding, without risking exposure to harmful welding fume. Full of adjustable features and weighing only 1.77 pounds, the Z4 is light on weight but not on capabilities.

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Employee engagement is pivotal in a good culture of safety the same way gravity keeps the solar system in orbit around the sun. This webinar will show you how to make safety engagement as natural as gravity with strategies that leaders can use to build a higher performing, safer organization.

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SC Johnson Professional

Discover the pure clean innovation of Refresh™ AntiBac Foam Soap. SC Johnson Professional's Refresh™ AntiBac Foam Soap elevates the handwashing experience with a signature fragrance of invigorating citrus, and contains added skin conditioners, making it pleasantly mild and suitable for all ages. An excellent choice for commercial washrooms.

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SPAN International Training, LLC

ClickSafety's SPAN™ offers Board of Certified Safety Professionals certification exam preparation workshops, study workbooks and e-learning for the leading safety, health and environmental certifications. Use discount code NSC1119 to receive 10% off any workshop. Offer ends Nov. 30. For a complete workshop schedule, visit www.spansafety.com.

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Therm-O-Mix® Station, an instantaneous steam-fired water heater, delivers tepid water to emergency safety showers and face/eyewash stations, using only a facility's existing steam and water supplies. Completely mechanical, this unit immediately and continuously provides up to 25 gpm of 80° F water flow, complying with OSHA and ANSI Z358.1 safety requirements.

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Excessive noise, or unwanted sound, is the most universal occupational health issue. This October is National Protect Your Hearing Month. Start effectively measuring the noise exposure in your workplace with Decibel Meter Signs from Accuform. Continually measure and display a decibel level to alert workers of the need for ear protection when sound levels become a hazard.

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AVO Training Institute

After more than 55 years, AVO Training Institute remains a global leader in electrical safety training. One of our most popular safety training courses is "NFPA 70E 2018 Electrical Safety," as well as "Electrical Safety for Industrial Facilities" and "Electrical Safety for Utilities." Also, be sure to ask about our custom-designed courses and onsite training.

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