Medical Marijuana Control Program
IMPORTANT: Product Labeling Guidance
Mislabeling product cannot be sold at dispensaries and could be pulled from shelves.

To avoid mislabeling and ensure compliance, cultivators and processors are encouraged to review the Product Guidelines before labeling products.

  • Cannabinoid content is required to be listed on the label for every medical marijuana product sold in MMCP-licensed dispensaries.
  • Each product must conform to the daily unit requirements listed in O.A.C. 3796:8-2-04 for each product category, with the actual Total THC concentration derived from lab testing falling within 95-105% of the units listed therein.
MMCP Reminders
Advertising Reminders:

Multi-State Operators

If websites or social media accounts reference Ohio facilities and appear to drive traffic to the sites, they will be reviewed and required to conform with Ohio standards. Multi-state licensees can use separate websites and accounts. For example, the Ohio operations can have a unique website not connected to the “national website.”

Strain Names

If you intend to include your strain name in your Product I.D., please submit the strain names to Commerce for approval prior to submitting the Product I.D. to the Ohio Board of Pharmacy.

For additional guidance on advertising, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Employee Badge Reminders:

  • All employees of medical marijuana licensees must be badged, even if they do not work in the physical facility. For Employee Badge Guidance, click here.
  • Sworn statements for employee applications should reflect the submission date of the employee application. If an employee has an existing badge with your facility, please be sure to provide a new sworn statement for new employee applications. 
  • Recently some employees have failed to submit materials in a timely manner and are utilizing temporary badges for extended period of times. Temporary badges are intended to only be utilized while waiting for the shipment of the permanent badges. Outstanding temporary badges could be viewed as non-compliant. Please respond to Department requests in a timely manner.
MMCP Program Updates
Operating Licensees
  • Level I Cultivators: 9 of 16 provisional licensees
  • Level II Cultivators: 8 of 13 provisional licensees
  • Processors: 2 of 39 provisional licensees
  • Testing Labs: 3 of 5 provisional licensees
  • Dispensaries: 17 of 56 provisional licensees

Sales Totals
The following are program sales totals from Jan. 16, 2019 to May 12, 2019:
  • Total sales: $6.5 million
  • Total volume of plant material sold: 820 lbs
  • Total units of manufactured product: 4,614
  • Total Receipts: 46,227

Updated Patient & Caregiver Numbers for April 2019
  • 34,225 Recommendations
  • 31,075 Registered patients with recommendations
  • 2,386 Patients with Veteran Status
  • 1,216 Patients with Indigent Status
  • 171 Patients with a Terminal Diagnosis
  • 15,339 Unique patients who purchased medical marijuana (as reported to OARRS by licensed dispensaries)
  • 2,109 Registered Caregivers

The MMCP will update the numbers on a weekly basis at Click here to visit the program update page