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Product Selection Guide; Tube Style Ionization

Aerisa utilizes two different types of ionization technologies in order to achieve better indoor air quality.  The first is a needlepoint/brush style technology. The second, and the focus of this eblast, is our tube style technology. The basic rule of thumb as to when to use one over the other is to first determine if there is an odor source or a potential odor source present in the area that needs to be treated. If the answer to that question is "Yes," then a tube product should be utilized.
The Aerisa Product Selection Guide breaks the various types of environments down into four distinct categories.  In order to determine the most appropriate product for the application, first identify the level of pollutants. Once this is known, then we need to know how much air is being delivered to that space. Once the pollutant category is chosen, and the airflow determined, you will be shown the most appropriate Aerisa product to be used. The product model number also dictates the length of the tube.
To learn more about Aerisa's tube style ionization as well as our other products and technologies, please visit our website at or click here for our general commercial brochure.

Model 5000
Model 2000
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Aerisa manufactures bipolar ionization technology that results in dramatic air quality improvements in a wide array of markets including industrial, institutional, commercial and residential. Aerisa successes are found in the most demanding applications, such as wastewater treatment, food processing, casino, athletic, and transportation. 



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