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A Drug Utilization Assessment can identify at-risk claims, but its real power lies in the outcomes produced. These interventions can deliver positive results to patient safety, recovery, and reductions in spend.
Seeing firsthand how utilization assessments impact claims from beginning to end
Injured worker outcome reports outline changes that have or have not occurred since a P2P, including savings related to medication regime changes, reductions in Morphine Equivalent Dosing (MED), post-P2P prescribing activity, and notes with suggested recommendations.
Network Prescriber Program Integration

The DUA/P2P process leverages our Network Prescriber Program (NPP) to increase patient safety and positively influence prescribing behavior. Through the NPP, we are able to efficiently schedule P2Ps with our providers 85% of the time, which is 11% higher than industry reported results.

See how DUA/P2P outcomes reporting can help you see the full impact of your intervention

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